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• INTERGEO  • Points & Pixels  • Embracing New Technology  • 5 Myths  • Need a Vacation  • Aerial LiDAR  • Gravity vs. Geometry  • Future of Land Surveying  • Tennessee Agencies  • What's in a Name?
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From the Editor: The Next Great LiDAR Application
Points & Pixels
Phoenix Area Boasts "Need for Speed"
UAV Use for Open Cast Mines and Quarries
National Enhanced Elevation Assessment (NEEA)—Part 1: Project Management Plan
The Digital Thread from Concept to Lifecycle Support in Shipbuilding
A Tale of Two Airborne LiDAR Scanners—Lower Colorado River Basin Survey
Viametris Tackles the Next Frontier in Mapping: The Great Indoors!...and Outdoors
Spatial Data Integration for Marina Renovation and Dredging Projects
Random Points: Point Cloud or Raster—Chose Wisely
The Business of Laser Scanning: Change on the Horizon!
Drones and Advanced Analytics Solutions Combine to Improve Business Processes, Optimize Operations and Improve Reliability
LIDARUSA Chooses Global Mapper to Analyze Stream Channel Morphology for Erosion Control
International LiDAR Mapping Forum 2017 Conference Program Announced
SimActive Enables Processing in the Cloud
Qatar Rail Applies Maptek Eureka Software to Geological Investigations
Second Edition of Commercial UAV Expo Hits it Out of the Park
AeroVironment Launches Quantix Drone and Decision Support System for Real Time Actionable Intelligence
Woolpert Expands Fleet of Aircraft to Support Emerging Technologies
Maptek Appointments to Lead Strategic Delivery of Technology Roadmap
Orbit GT and CycloMedia Join Forces with Product Integration
Bluesky 3D Laser Maps AONB for Archaeological Studies
Global Mapper SDK and LiDAR Module SDK v18 Released
RIEGL to Attend AU Las Vegas 2016
senseFly to Host Free ‘Drone Surveying 101’ Webinar
Trimble Business Center Adds Scanning Module, Third-Party Data Integration and Customizable Reporting
RIEGL Will be Attending and Presenting at IAFSM 2016
Bentley Development Co., Inc. Selects Identified Technologies Automated Commercial Drone Solution
GRMC Provides Scan-to- BIM with the Viametris IMS3D Indoor Mapping System
Andrew Camela Promoted to Operations Coordinator at AXIS GeoAviation LLC
LiDAR mag

From the Editor: Embracing New Technology
Welcome to the October/November edition of LiDAR Magazine. This is our INTERGEO issue and the LiDAR Magazine crew are all here in Hamburg Germany taking in the largest geospatial conference and trade show in the world. With over 16,500 visitors from more than 100 countries ....
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P and Pixels 
Points & Pixels
Infusing Reality into 3D Models... Dielmo Power Line Cloud Services Address Operational Needs... Scanning of the Davelis Cave using GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO... Value-adding survey tool ....
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Wantman, PE and Hall, PSM 
Embracing New Technology: WGI Adds Mobile Mapping Capabilities
The learning curve associated with adopting new technology can be a significant hurdle for many firms. Will the time and effort be worth it in the long term? If everything is going well, why introduce potential problems? These are fair questions to ask before purchasing a mobil ....
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Josh Killalea 
Busted! 5 Myths About Working With Point Cloud Data
I hear a lot of myths when talking to people about working with point cloud data. Most of the time they come from people that have never used point cloud data at all or have only used it once. While nearly all are understandable, most are not true. So here are some myths ....
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Stuart Roberts 
Even Photogrammetry Needs a Vacation.... Yeah, Right
I had busted my hump all year long and now it's time for an escape. Take the young kids and wife to Yellowstone for a week of relaxing. Well, you really don't relax in Yellowstone once you've surmised you're vacationing in the world's largest volcano. Exit the car in the wrong spot and ....
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Jamie Young 
Why Do You Have To Be That Way? A Look at Aerial LiDAR Again!
The September 2016 issue of LiDAR Magazine featured an article titled "YES, WE CAN Provide High-Quality LiDAR for Less than $100 per Square Mile" The general . premise of the article was that Atlantic can provide USGS QL2 LiDAR for $100 a square Mile and why? That is ....
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Dr. David F. Maune 
National Height System: Gravity vs. Geometry
National height systems have long been based on the rules of gravity to determine orthometric heights (H) and model the directions in which water will flow across the earth's surface. Until the late 1990s, the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) had relied on conventional line-of-sight ....
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Marie Scultore 
LiDAR Technology: Future of Land Surveying
Experts based throughout Quebec offer their opinion regarding the use of a new technology that is revolutionising land surveying, LiDAR. LiDAR, also known as Light Detection and Ranging which allows terrestrial, airborne, or mobile scanning, and provides detailed digital terrain models and ....
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Sam Moffat 
Tennessee Agencies Collaborate to Gain Multipurpose Lidar Data
Lidar was collected via three projects across 49 counties to form a comprehensive topographic state database that also supports the U.S. Geological Survey's 3D Elevation Program. In late 2015, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) contracted with Woolpert to collect high- ....
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Lewis Graham 
Random Points: What's in a Name?
As I have mentioned in a number of past columns, we are addressing the small UAS mapping industry via our subsidiary company, AirGon LLC. While our primary business is developing and/or integrating technology to provide turnkey mapping systems, we also provide a small amount ....
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