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• FAA Finalizes Rules  • Points & Pixels  • FAA 333 exemption  • Traffic Monitoring  • Nepal  • Florida PSM  • Discovery Hut  • National Trust  • 3D Color?  • Higher Education?
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Intermap Chooses Global Mapper for Enterprise-Wide Spatial Data Production
Surveying and Mapping Contract Extends Fugro’s 30-Year Partnership With St. Louis Corps of Engineers
RIEGL USA to Attend the AREMA 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition
Lithuanian Survey Experts Takes Delivery of SITECO Road-Scanner
New Laser Scan Coordinate System Tools Released in Maptek I-Site 6.1
4DMapper; The Secret Behind Sharing Geodata
Reviving King Tutankhamun with 3D Scanning
New SphereVision 360 Imaging Software Integrates iSTAR Measurement Module
Speakers Announced for USIBD's 2016 Symposium
iSTAR 360 Degree Measurement Module Integrated by Imaging Companies
Barrow upon Soar Rail Closure Prompts Monitoring Calls
Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine Chooses Global Mapper for Coastal Mapping Project
78.7% of AEC Firms Expect Scanning/Modeling Work to Increase in the Next 12 Months
International LiDAR Mapping Forum Announces Call for Papers for 2017 Event
Laser Focus on Accuracy in BXP: USIBD LOA & LOD
Bluesky Aerial Laser Maps Reveal WWI Battle of the Somme Secrets
Augmented Reality at INTERGEO
Woolpert Dispatches Drones to Mitigate, Predict Landslides
RIEGL is Attending and Presenting at Conferences this August
Orbit GT and Soluciones Geoinformaticas, Colombia Sign Reseller Agreement
3D Recording, Documentation and Management in Cultural Heritage
AirGon Revolutionizes Drone Data Extraction
USACE St. Louis District Awards Dewberry Five-Year Contract for Photogrammetric and Lidar Surveying and Mapping
A Look Around the UAS Boom Industry at interaerial SOLUTIONS
RIEGL Laser Scanners Used in Forensics and Accident Reconstruction
Orbit GT Launches New Responsive Website
Velodyne LiDAR’S HDL-32E 3D Sensor, Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz's Novus Drive Debuts as India's First Driverless Shuttle
Bluesky Photomaps Help Assess Risk from Trees on Popular English Holiday Island
INTERGEO TV in July—Smart Cities a Key Topic in the Geo Industry

Latest Articles From Our Contributors...

Ken Smerz  
The Business of Laser Scanning: Industry Update: Ken Smerz - Our company travels throughout North America working primarily in the AEC space with architects, contractors, owners, and specialty trades of all sizes working on a wide variety of project types. So for those of us who have been laser scanning providers for a long time (which in this market is just about anyone with ...

Yang Li & Brimicombe 
Rapid Appraisal of Green Roof Potential in Urban Area: Yang Li & Brimicombe - We have recently successfully used LiDAR data to assess the green roof potential during our work in the project of TURaS. TURaS (Transitioning towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability) is funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of European Union. Our work in this project focuses on green ...

Lauri Hartikainen 
Improving Point Cloud Data Accessibility with Web Browser Solutions: Lauri Hartikainen - With the continuously increasing use of laser scanning and other 3D data collection technologies within civil engineering, construction, renovation and maintenance of buildings and industrial facilities, improving the accessibility and usability of these massive datasets also outside the traditional user ...

Bob Gilbert 
MoDOT Preserves Archaeological Information with Close-Range LiDAR: Bob Gilbert - When many people think of the field of archaeology they often think of lost cities and fedora hats thanks to the popularity of the "Indiana Jones" movies. Rarely does the general public think of LiDAR in connection with recording historical information and artifacts, but that is exactly what has ...
LiDAR mag

From the Editor: Time to Reap What You Have Sown
Welcome to the September issue of LiDAR Magazine. Summer is waning and fall, with ideal leaf-off conditions for aerial LiDAR, is looming on the horizon. As any farmer knows it's time to reap what he has sown. As is the case in the LiDAR business most LiDAR companies are doing just that! They ....
Read the Article
P and Pixels 
Points & Pixels
The Biodome of Montreal was initially built as the Velodrome for the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. It was then transformed into the Biodome in 1992. It is now home to four major sections that are replicas of four ecosystems found in the Americas: Tropical Forest, Laurentian ....
Read the Article
Brent Gelhar 
A Decade of Dedicated Mobile LiDAR
It is hard to imagine that over a decade has passed since the first launch of purpose designed and dedicated mobile mapping systems. The realization of the pace of passage of time can send shudders down one's spine to think of how much has transpired. This article is an overview ....
Read the Article
Jody Lounsbury, PS 
Surveyors and Technology
In the more than 11 years I have worked with 3D Laser Scanning (3DLS) technology, I have witnessed many who embrace the challenge of implementing a new technology flourish while others fail. The practical application of ground-based LIDAR units is still relatively new. The ....
Read the Article
James Young 
Review of the Optech Galaxy, Titan and CZMIL LiDAR Sensors
Optech has a long history of developing state of the art LiDAR sensors. They have had many very good sensors over the years and some less than stellar sensors. Overall, Optech sensors have performed very well. The latest line of sensors show some great potential and as a result ....
Read the Article
Joe Williams 
Ruled By Paper—Origins of the Construction Map
BIM has forever changed the way we imagine, design, and construct buildings today. But this is not an article about the benefits of BIM--if you still need to be sold on that idea, please move on to the next article. This is for those that believe we still have a long way to go to improve ....
Read the Article
Roland Mangold 
Aerial Lidar Finds Gold Mineralization, Improves Mining Efficiency
TriMetals Mining Inc. discovered new areas of outcropping gold mineralization with aerial LiDAR in an area straddling the northern border of Nevada and Utah providing striking results for the gold and silver mining company. The recently acquired LiDAR data at TriMetals Mining's ....
Read the Article
Carolyn Frith 
A Race Against Time
As plant managers strive to minimize downtime, every laser scanning job is a race against time. After all, time is money. Lost production can cost $100,000 an hour in the steel industry, for example. Despite requirements for fast turnaround, plant engineers also expect high accuracy and ....
Read the Article
Szabova & Hroncek 
Investigating Geohazards - The Turbulent Life of Mountain Slopes
Slovakia, a country with an area of 49 thousand km² in the heart of Europe, is also called a land of landslides. Floods and landslides are the two most occurring natural hazards, the fact being reflected in fifty years of systematic geologic research and mapping of slope deformations ....
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Megan Kress  
LiVoxGen: A C++ Program to Voxelize LiDAR Data
LiVoxGen is a C++ program that processes LiDAR data in the form of LAS files and creates voxels (volumetric pixels) of user-selected dimensions to aid in the analysis of the LiDAR data. LiVoxGen's git repository may be found on GitHub. The purpose of this program is to better understand ....
Read the Article
Tang & Saikalasapudi 
Civil Infrastructures Using Correlated Visual Changes
Civil engineers observe and diagnose the visual changes of civil infrastructures in a manner similar to how medical doctors diagnose patients. As the human body ages, small changes gradually influence each other. Over time, small interacting ....
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Lewis Graham 
Random Points: More Returns, Please!
We have been adding a new "Live View" control to our point cloud exploitation product, LP360. This control allows much easier manipulation of the display of point cloud data based on attributes such as classification and returns. While testing the Returns portion of the ....
Read the Article
Ken Smerz 
The Business of Laser Scanning: Where It's Broken
My crystal ball has a few cracks and smudges, but here's what I see in the 3d imaging industry today...and tomorrow. Solutions Looking for Problems: We have too many technologists...and not enough business people. The 3d imaging community is filled with techies who are passionate and ....
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