Contributor FAQ

If you’ve got a project or story worth sharing, please take a moment to review the following “FAQ” regarding our content submission process:

Why publish with LIDAR Magazine?

  • covers all aspects of lidar: airborne topographic and bathymetric; terrestrial; mobile; close range; underwater and others alongside cutting-edge measurement, positioning and imaging technologies as they relate to GeoTech;
  • publishes both digital and print editions (6x per annum + special editions);
  • has a highly engaged, 15,000 member readership addressing key GeoTech verticals;
  • offers short form “Points & Pixels” section for news and other updates in addition to flexible long form format for feature submissions, interviews, case studies, retrospectives and more;
  • is keen to help its customers obtain exposure for their successes

What to write about?

LIDAR Magazine is always keen to publish articles on interesting projects or company history, for example:

  • New application for lidar or geomatics technology
  • Project in a remote or challenging area
  • Use of new lidar and lidar-related technologies, including UAVs
  • Complementary technologies, e.g. imagery or radar (SAR or GPR), where they are combined with lidar
  • Accuracy of results
  • Especially successful project planning/execution
  • Something lidar-related from the history of a company – people/places/technologies
  • Use of US and international standards where this is especially significant

Guidelines for authors:

  • Articles are generally within the 1,200-2,500 word range, although we’re flexible
  • Compelling graphics are critical, especially photos of equipment in use, or beautiful project areas, or people; diagrams are valuable too, all the more so if they are in color
  • Bear in mind when writing your article that the readership is a mixture of practitioners, managers, academics and other interested professionals. Explain terms, acronyms and initialisms as you introduce them in your article.
  • LIDAR Magazine is not an academic journal and articles are not peer-reviewed
  • References to published literature are OK but they are not a requirement
  • Provide a short bio of the author(s), which we will put at the end of the article
  • An article should be submitted as simple a Word document, which should include:
    • Title
    • Sub-title
    • Author’s name
    • Text
    • Bio of author
    • Captions for graphics
  • Graphics can be embedded in the above Word file if you think that is helpful to clarify where they should go, but they should also be provided as separate files, e.g. JPEG or TIFF. Image files must be provided at press resolution (minimum 300 dpi @ 100%). Pixels divided by DPI = inches.

Above all, your article should be interesting – our readers should want to start reading and then read all the way through…

Contributed articles are typically written by employees of geospatial companies (system suppliers; mapping services companies; etc.) or their customers (e.g. utilities; producers of autonomous vehicles; energy companies), or PR companies writing on their behalf; some are written by university teachers and researchers; LIDAR Magazine can recommend freelance writers and on occasion send members of our editorial staff to produce content—we’re happy to discuss opportunities on a case by case basis.

So, is it LiDAR, LIDAR, Lidar or lidar? Aside from usage in company and product names, we utilize sentence case (Lidar, lidar). The decision was not made lightly. Professor Gordon Petrie states our case, here.

2019 Editorial Calendar and Deadlines


January/February (Vol. 9, #1)
Submissions due November 23rd, 2018
LIDAR Leader Award Spotlight
Bonus Distribution = ILMF/ASPRS Denver

March/April (Vol. 9, #2)
Submissions due January 18th, 2019
IoT + BIM Spotlight
Bonus distribution = SPAR 3D Anaheim

May/June (Vol. 9, #3)
Submissions due March 15th, 2019
Imaging and Visualization Spotlight
Bonus distribution = GEOINT Tampa + HxGN Live Las Vegas

July/August (Vol. 9, #5)
Submissions due May 10th
GIS & Mapping Spotlight
Bonus distribution at Esri UC + Imaging Summit San Diego

Special Editon – Sensor Integration Trends (Vol. 9, #5)
Listings due August 25th, 2019
Releasing Fall 2019
Contact us for details

November/December (Vol. 9, #6)
Submissions due September 6th
University Spotlight
Bonus disribution at various universities

Aerial Technology Showcase (Vol. 10, #1)
Submissions and listings due November 15th
LIDAR Leaders Awards Preview
Bonus disribution at ILMF/ASPRS 2020
Contact us for details

I welcome the opportunity to discuss placement in more detail with you.

Dr. A. Stewart Walker
Managing Editor, LIDAR Magazine
San Diego, California U.S.A
Direct: +1 (858) 376.3792