Author: Dr. A. Stewart Walker

Dr. A. Stewart Walker

Dr. A. Stewart Walker is the Managing Editor of the magazine. He holds MA, MScE and PhD degrees in geography and geomatics from the universities of Glasgow, New Brunswick and Bristol, and an MBA from Heriot-Watt. He is an ASPRS-certified photogrammetrist.

Lidar Flies High

Writing this on board a Lufthansa flight to Germany to participate in the mid-term symposium of ISPRS Technical Commission I, entitled “Innovative Sensing—from…


Summer Highs

I had the privilege, along with publisher Allen Cheves and professional land surveyor Jason Foose, County Surveyor, Mohave County Public Works, Arizona, to…


Summer Learning

I’m writing this at home in the hinge of a diptych of learning opportunities. I’ve just returned from the AEC Next/SPAR 3D conference…