Author: Tianyue Yu

Tianyue Yu

Dr. Tianyue Yu founded Quanergy and has served as Chief Development Officer since February 2020, steering the organization toward commercialization. Prior to that, she served as Chief Technology Officer (2018-20) and Vice President of Products (2014-18). She has extensive experience in high-resolution imaging, 3D laser scanning and microfabrication, high-throughput sensing, nanotechnology and advanced electronics materials. She oversees the company’s technology architecture, product design and engineering to advance technology innovation and ensure successful implementation of the product roadmaps. Prior to founding Quanergy, she held various roles at established technology companies as well as startups, from principal scientist to leadership positions building cross-functional teams and driving technology development and commercialization. She started her career at Affymetrix on sensor miniaturization and high-resolution imaging. She holds more than 15 patents in sensing, nanotechnology, and system design. Dr. Yu earned a PhD from Cornell University with concentration on nanomaterials and nanotechnology and a BS in chemical physics from University of Science and Technology of China.