Author: Justin Barton

Justin Barton

Justin Barton is the Chief Technology Advocate as well as Manager of Partnership Development for the California-based, cultural heritage non-profit CyArk. Justin's role is varied and spans the breadth of CyArk activities. He has spent considerable time over the years helping establish CyArk's standards for both long-term data archiving as well as data collection during field work. He also manages CyArk's University partnerships and will often conduct training sessions with CyArk's educational institution-based Technology Centers. The trainings cover data collection, data processing, and data management for cultural heritage digital preservation projects. Justin holds a BA in Anthropology from UC Berkeley and an MA in Field Archaeology from University College London's Institute of Archaeology. His graduate research focused on the use of laser scanning to create improved conservation tools for site archaeologists. Justin has published multiple articles both about his research as well as CyArk's projects in peer-reviewed academic journals and industry publications. He can often be found representing CyArk at various conferences and guest lectures. Justin continues to have a personal interest in the use of laser scanning for preservation and conservation of earthen architecture, one of archaeology's most fragile resource.
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