Author: Dr. David F. Maune

Dr. David F. Maune

Dr. David Maune, CP, is an Associate Vice President at Dewberry, headquartered in Fairfax, VA, where he is an elevation specialist and manages photogrammetric, lidar, IfSAR, and sonar projects for USGS, NOAA, FEMA, USACE, and other federal, state and county government organizations. He is an ASPRS Fellow and winner of the ASPRS Photogrammetric (Fairchild) Award. He is the editor and principal author of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions of Digital Elevation Model Technologies and Applications: The DEM Users Manual, published by ASPRS.. He authored the National Enhanced Elevation Assessment (NEEA) report that led to USGS’s 3DEP. He co-authored the ASPRS Positional Accuracy Standards for Digital Geospatial Data. He is a retired Army Colonel, last serving as Commander and Director of the U.S. Army Topographic Engineering Center (TEC), now the Army Geospatial Center (AGC).

Making our Lidar Dreams Come True

Whenever I autograph a copy of one of my books, I write “May all your DEMs come true,” an obvious play on words with “May all your dreams come true.” After winning the 2018 LIDAR Leader Award for Outstanding Personal Achievement in lidar, I was asked to summarize the comments in my acceptance speech on my past and future dreams for lidar.