The First EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT on 15 October 2018 in Frankfurt

Prestigious conference is bringing together European industry and drone technology for the first time | registration is now open

Frankfurt/Braunschweig/Karlsruhe, 8 June 2018. While air taxis and pizza delivery drones make eye-catching headlines, behind the scenes drones have steadily become part and parcel of everyday modern society. More than your average new smart technology, they form a fundamental building block for digitalising the economy. In civil use, drones have long been used to perform tasks at locations that are too dangerous, troublesome or hard to reach for humans. Particularly with regard to digitalisation, drones provide an important platform as an intelligent tool for the economy and industry with a great and as yet virtually incalculable potential. Customers have plenty of uses for high-quality products in the film and construction industries, emergency services, agriculture, inspections, natural protection and lots of other areas, adds Martin Brandenburg, Managing Director of DJI Germany.

The EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT sets out to bring the up-and-coming drone sector together with industry. The aim of the conference is to define the demands placed on drone technology and services and showcase state-of-the-art industrial solutions. The EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT bridges the gap between drone manufacturers and the industrial sectors that have yet to deploy drones as a production tool, explains Jrg Schamuhn, COO of Yuneec Europe GmbH.

Key experts from leading manufacturers and service providers will be demonstrating their solutions at the conference, which is set to host around 250 participants from all over Europe. High-ranking representatives from the German parliament, AIRBUS, DLR and research institutes will also be taking part. INTEL is a gold sponsor to the event, and a leading business figure in drone technology is lined up to deliver one of the keynote speeches. As more industries are increasingly unlocking the power of data to fuel business transformation, many of them are turning towards the skies. Managing and inferring insights from this data will be the digital transformation that we expect in the coming future. Drones are a valuable tool to capture data more accurately, efficiently, and safely. We can expect to see emerging applications for this technology that help businesses automate everyday tasks and identify, analyze and predict issues in a way that could not be done before, said Anil Nanduri, vice president and general manager, Intel Drone Group.

The conference will focus on interactive discussions, presentations and sharing information across different specialisms. The target groups are politicians, the drone industrial community, major user groups and service providers.

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As the first platform for the entire drone sector, the EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT gives users, legislators and representatives of various technologies the opportunity to meet and talk about relevant issues and ideas for the future. Political experts, industry specialists and user groups gather to discuss solutions for safe commercial unmanned aircraft systems in Europe. The goal of the EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT is to channel ideas and decisions relating to unmanned aircraft systems in such a way as to highlight how UAV technology can be used now and in the future by representatives of various sectors. The focus is on economic benefits and safety.
The EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT is taking place on 15 October 2018 in Frankfurt. The INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS part of INTERGEO is the largest commercial drones trade fair in Europe and is being held from 16 18 October, also in Frankfurt.

Host for the conference: UAV DACH e.V.
Organiser: HINTE Messe- und Ausstellungs-GmbH