GeoSLAM to Host Talk on Embracing the Future at BIM Show Live

Leading 3D mobile mapping technology specialist, GeoSLAM, is set to share its insights on the advancement of mobile mapping technology in an interactive discussion at this years BIM Show Live.

In a special talk entitled, Embrace the Future, Map On the Move and Dont Get Left Behind!, GeoSLAM UK channel manager, Sven van Duffelen, will be explaining how construction experts, architects and surveyors can harness the latest mobile mapping technology to save valuable time and money for their company.

Forming part of BIM Show Lives Next Generation Stream of discussions, Sven will be introducing participants to the future of indoor building surveying in a 45-minute seminar. During the session, Sven will be using GeoSLAMs ZEB-REVO RT, a lightweight, handheld laser scanner, in a live demonstration to illustrate how fast, simple and easy-to-use the latest 3D mobile mapping systems are.

The next generation of GeoSLAMs hugely popular ZEB-REVO, the ZEB-REVO RT, makes light work of the rapid and simple mapping of complex, indoor and multi-level spaces. Using Wi-Fi technology to seamlessly connect the scanner to a mobile phone or tablet, the ZEB-REVO RT allows for real time data visualisation as the user walks and scans. The simultaneous scanning and processing of 3D data also removes any need for post-processing and in turn, massively slashes project survey times.

Commenting on the evolution of mobile mapping ahead of the event, Sven said:
The world of surveying is evolving at such a rapid pace. Traditionally, creating a 3D model of a space was exceptionally time-consuming and could only be performed by professional surveyors. However, with the advancement of mobile mapping technology in recent years, scanning can now be done much more quickly and easily and by non-experts. Our ZEB-REVO RT allows users to simply walk and scan, meaning buildings can be mapped up to ten times faster than traditional surveying techniques and the collected data used to build your BIM model.

At GeoSLAM, we pride ourselves on being able to provide user-friendly and reliable solutions to construction, engineering, and surveying professionals across the globe. Were looking forward to meeting with BIM Show Live attendees to show them how our next generation of mobile scanners could help them save time and money on their projects during the coming year.

Taking place from 28th February to 1st March at the Boiler Shop in Newcastle upon Tyne, BIM Show Live is a two-day conference. It brings together a panel of key players in the digital construction world to host a series of interactive seminars and keynotes discussing the biggest technological developments in the sector.

Register now on the BIM Show Live website for your ticket and catch Svens talk on 1st March at 11.45am in The Dec Room.

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