Award Signifies CDOTs UAS Commitment to Being the Best Department of Transportation in the Country

Using Innovative Technologies to Improve the Safety, Mobility, and Efficiency of Colorados Transportation System

Boulder, CO (October 18, 2017) TerraLogic Sustainable Solutions, an environmental consulting firm specializing in infrastructure and transportation, and Wohnrade Civil Engineers, Inc., a full-service engineering firm leading the way in both the development of precision aerial mapping, and incorporating Unmanned Aerial System data into civil engineering design, announced today that they have been awarded Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to support future CDOT programs and projects. Additional members of the TerraLogic UAS team referenced in the award are SolSpec, Unmanned Experts, and Michigan Tech Research Institute, all companies providing a level of UAS expertise and experience that can be leveraged to address CDOTs transportation challenges.

The award highlights CDOTs commitment to become the best DOT in the country by leveraging innovative technologies to improve the safety, mobility, and efficiency of Colorados transportation system. CDOT envisions using UAS services to help tackle myriad challenges it faces in the environment of transportation management. The ability to view various aspects of hazards, traffic patterns, and other concerns that affect roadways from different perspectives is viewed as a valuable service. UAS can provide a cost-effective solution to remote sensing and imagery which may be difficult to obtain by other means.

CDOT has been on the cutting edge of using Unmanned Aircraft System technology since the 1990s in the area of Geohazard assessments, says Art Hirsch, Environmental Engineer and Principal at TerraLogic Sustainable Solutions. This award is significant in that it immediately expands CDOTs access to licensed, qualified UAS pilots with the experience and expertise to help the department increase their effectiveness and responsiveness. It also addresses key safety issues the department faces as UAS technology can perform critical inspections, like rock fall assessments and bridge inspections, without putting CDOT employees in dangerous situations.

The following identifies just some of the many uses of UAS technology by CDOT in the scope of work:
Survey using photogrammetry or LIDAR that meets or exceeds CDOT specifications and is shown to be cost effective
Rockfall area monitoring using photogrammetry to assess sensitive rock fall areas, volume of rock fall material, and identification of critical fractures which promotes overall personnel and traveling public safety
Contractor compliance monitoring during roadway construction that reduces risk and liability to CDOT by documenting project milestones
Bridge inspections using UAS by providing high quality imagery and data while improving employee safety at a cost savings over traditional methods
Environmental compliance monitoring during construction and revegetation phases that can reduce monitoring costs and improve documentation
Traffic operations and congestion management using tethered UAS technology to improve traffic flow and safety
Infrastructure and asset management to identify and assess CDOT assets within the CDOT right of way

About TerraLogic Sustainable Solutions
TerraLogic is an environmental consulting firm with over 25 years of CDOT experience. Our expertise is in the areas of sustainability, climate change risk management, storm water management, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) drone inspection service applications in the infrastructure and transportation fields. We support the transportation industry, municipalities and private sectors with a range of sustainability-based services which include infrastructure vulnerability, climate change risk management, sustainability-based program and project development, alternative energy impact studies, as well as storm water and water quality management. TerraLogic also provides innovative applications of unmanned aerial vehicles for environmental, engineering, and infrastructure maintenance. Additional information can be found at terralogicss.comor by calling (303) 786-9111.

About Wohnrade Civil Engineering
Wohnrade Civil Engineers, Inc. (WCE) is a CDOT certified DBE and ESB providing civil engineering services, as well as an FAA Part 107 Certified Operator. WCE is leading the way in both the development of precision aerial mapping, and incorporating UAS data into civil engineering design. They are one of a select few Engineering firms that performs the data collections, data processing, data post-processing, and finally, integrates UAS geospatial data into final civil engineering design. Their UAS workflow has been vetted by industry professionals and meets strict standards set by the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS). More information on Wohnrade Civil Engineers, Inc. and their suite of UAS solutions can be found at: wcecivil.comor by calling (720) 259-0965.

About SolSpec
SolSpec is an Unmanned Aerial Systems company that specializes in remote sensing, photogrammetry, data management and data visualization. Our unique workflow is tailored to clients and customers in construction and environmental industries. Our principle focus is capturing and documenting the life-cycle of infrastructure projects and surveying for project specific variables that inform project management decisions.

About Unmanned Experts
Unmanned Experts Inc. is a Colorado corporation providing world class Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) inspections, support, and education. Our team of professionals helps clients across many industries evaluate and integrate UAS tools and processes to aid precision data collection, cost savings, and safety improvements. UMEX specializes in infrastructure inspections meeting CFR Title 49 Part 237 standards for railroad and other bridges, as well as DOT, oil and gas, and power generation/distribution sectors. It is FAA-approved, through Section 333 exemptions, for commercial operations with more than 10 different aircraft types. UMEX crews are Part 107 certified, OSHA-10 trained and NERC-screened.

About Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI)
MTRI, a research center of Michigan Technological University, is a recognized leader in the research, development and practical application of sensor and information technology to solve critical problems in national security, protecting and evaluating critical infrastructure, bioinformatics, earth sciences and environmental processes. The transportation projects that MTRI are currently involved in use a combination of remote sensing and GIS techniques along with in situ field data to solve transportation issues. These projects are focused on border crossing delays, wetland mitigation for planning new freeways and taking inventory of road furniture. The types of remote sensing data that is used include RADAR, Landsat and aerial imagery.