Blue Marble Announces Global Mapper Certification Classes in Atlanta and Ottawa

Hallowell, Maine August 15, 2017 – Blue Marble Geographics ( is pleased to announce that it will be offering official Global Mapper certification training classes in Ottawa, Ontario and Atlanta, Georgia in October and November respectively. The course consists of two days of hands-on Global Mapper instruction followed by a third day in which the focus turns to the LiDAR Module.

Blue Marble’s GIS software is used by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world who need affordable, user-friendly, yet powerful GIS solutions. Users come from a wide range of industries including software, oil and gas, mining, civil engineering, surveying, and technology companies, as well as government departments and academic institutions.

Driven by the ever-changing needs and requirements of the GIS community, Global Mapper has established a well-earned reputation as a low-cost but fully-functional alternative to traditional GIS applications. Over the years, the software’s evolution has followed an aggressive and ambitious development path with each successive version introducing a broad array of new features and functions. The official Global Mapper training program, which has been delivered on six continents, serves to introduce new users to the core functionality of the software while challenging experienced users to improve productivity and streamline workflow.

The instructor-led program encourages participation and interaction in the learning process. All attendees are provided with a fully licensed installation of the software for the duration of the class along with numerous sample datasets and written step-by-step instructions. Trainees are welcome to register for the two-day Global Mapper class, the one-day LiDAR Module class, or both. Successful completion of all three days will result in the awarding of Global Mapper Certification.

"Over the years, the popularity of the official Global Mapper certification course has grown considerably with hundreds of satisfied participants throughout the world," stated Blue Marble’s President, Patrick Cunningham. "Feedback from attendees is typically overwhelmingly positive with most acknowledging that the class introduced them to previously unknown components of the software."

The Ottawa class is scheduled to take place from October 17-19 and the Atlanta class is scheduled for November 7-9. For more information or to register, visit:

For questions about currently scheduled classes, to inquire about public classes in locations other than those listed, or to arrange a custom class for your organization, email:

About Blue Marble Geographics
Since the early 1990s, Blue Marble Geographics has been a pioneer in the development of powerful and innovative geospatial software. Widely regarded for its expertise in coordinate conversion and file format support, Blue Marble’s products include Geographic Calculator, the paradigm for highly accurate spatial data conversion and advanced projection management; Global Mapper, a fully-functional and affordable GIS application; and the Global Mapper LiDAR Module, a suite of powerful point cloud processing tools.