INTERGEO: INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS Europes Leading Trade Fair for Commercial and Civil Drones

Berlin/Karlsruhe, 13 July 2017. From 26 to 28 September 2017, the international UAV sector will be demonstrating its potential at INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS in Berlin. Europes largest drone show will form part of INTERGEO, the worlds leading trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management. IASEXPO has the clear aspiration of becoming established as the number one industry gathering for commercial and civil drone applications in Europe. Advance tickets can now be purchased online.

The news is just out that the IASEXPO practical forum will cover the very latest topics and feature renowned experts, an international outlook and direct practical relevance. Visitors dont have to walk far to switch back and forth between market overviews and expert presentations on user-group-targeted clusters of topics. The aim is to efficiently combine trade fair and talks.

Approval procedures
As Germanys drone regulations come into force this year, the legal aspects of using and operating this kind of equipment forms a key focus of the IASEXPO practical forum.

Multicopters and drones weighing more than two kilograms can now only be flown by someone who holds a drone driving licence. The regional aviation authorities require would-be pilots to demonstrate their knowledge of operating UAVs. Frank Wichert from procow will explain these requirements in detail and reveal the precise procedure that pilots must follow.

Incidentally, pilots can take the drone licence test during their visit to the trade fair. Dr. Ulrich Dieckert, a lawyer from the law firm Dieckert Recht und Steuern, is an expert on the aviation authorities approval process. He specializes in the numerous exceptions to the operating bans that currently hinder drone pilots work.

Market figures, potential and collaboration
Kay Wackwitz, CEO of Drone Industry Insights (DRONEII), the leading international market research institute for commercial drone use, will be presenting economic analyses of the opportunities for and limits to fields of application for UAVs and explaining the background to and facts about current market developments and collaborations that could significantly affect the market.

How air space is organised
UAV Issue Manager Ralf Heidger from German traffic control (DFS) will be revealing how the DFS tackles the challenge presented by the rapidly increasing number of drones in German air space and tracks them precisely within the existing air traffic management system.

Best practice
First-hand reports will also abound at the forum providing examples of best practice in using drones for surveying and inspecting buildings and industrial complexes, above all. Friedrich Wilhelm Bauer from Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts will be highlighting the use of thermal imaging technology for inspections. Benjamin Federmann from Aibotix-Leica will be revealing the economic benefits of using drones in surveying and construction.

The German Association of Copter Pilots will be weighing up the question Make or Buy? whether it makes more sense to purchase a drone and train staff or to hire the appropriate service providers. The answers come in the form of success stories from the niche segments 3D modelling and smart framing.

Maik Neuser from Westnetz and Carlo Zgraggen from aeroscout will be focusing on inspections in the energy sector.

Other key topics will be the use of drones in agriculture, forestry and disaster relief. Antoine Cottin from Carbomap and Bobby Vick from Precisionmapper will be addressing the practical forum on drones used for surveying forests.

Dr. D. Gbel from Gundulax/ Agaplesion Frankfurter Diakonie Kliniken GmbH will be explaining how logistics drones are used on emergency missions, while Phillipp Khler from Nahecopter will be outlining the general ways drones can be used in disaster relief and by fire brigades and security agencies.

The forums programme and details of the expert presentations will be posted at

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INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS (IASEXPO), consisting of an exhibition, forum & FlightZone, is Europes leading platform for unmanned aerial systems (UAS). It is held in a different German location every year, as part of INTERGEO. The forum deals with current issues from politics, administration, science and industry. The outdoor FlightZone offers live demonstrations of the various flight systems and thus delivers an all-round experience of products and the market. With the wealth of potential on offer, INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS highlights the wide range of applications for UAVs that already exist and provides a glimpse of future markets. The event will be touring prestigious international trade fair locations in years to come Berlin in 2017 and Frankfurt am Main in 2018. Around 150 providers from 25 countries are expected to represent the young drone market at the next INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS during this years INTERGEO. Visitors from all over Europe, North America and the Middle East will be flocking to the German capital. Umbrella association UAV DACH and research company DRONEII are once again the partners of INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS in 2017.