USIBD’s LOA 2016 V 0_1 is Ready for Public Review

New Heritage Applications Included

Nearly one year after the initial release of USIBD’s LOA Specification the new Version 2 is to be released this year. While the known structure of the LOA, separating the measured validation from the represented validation, is maintained in the new version, users can also now use the LOA for Heritage applications.

You will easily be able to switch between the standard and heritage applications now by using the simple check box. By a simple click of a button, the predefined fields of suggested, accepted and special accuracy levels now change making it even more convenient to use the LOA for project definitions.

Predefined levels for Heritage are not the only new features in this version. The LOA also has also been extended to be used for services including plumbing, HVAC, electrical and much more. So Version 2 can clearly be considered to be a huge step towards complete definition of accuracy levels for everyday use.

We are looking for feedback from all of you involved in Building Documentation. Please take this opportunity to participate in making these documents fit your needs.


1. Download the fileHEREto download.

2. Review and use the document. Please read the user guide to fully understand the intent of this document.

3. Leave your comments HERE.

The review period opens today, and will close May 6th. USIBD appreciates your feedback in this review.

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