Webinar Archive The Business of 3D Laser Scanning

In this latest LiDAR Magazine webinar, professionals discussed the business of 3D Laser Scanning attendees enjoyed a discussion on how easy it has become to incorporate 3D laser scanning into daily workflows and how quickly firms can expect to see a return on investment. The webinar archive including materials and recording are now available

Topics covered include:

  • Team-building: Whos best for key jobs and why
  • Implementation: How not to upset the apple cart
  • Choosing the right software and equipment

For those who missed the live webinar, a number of useful resources have now been made available to you.

Slides (2 MB PDF): http://www.localhost:10018/PDF/ 03DEC15webinar.pdf


Getting Into the Game The Business of 3D Laser Scanning
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=_QOqXjvt8aM

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