Save the date for these GIS, Geotech, and LiDAR Webinars

Trimble June 24th
Webinar: How Collecting High Quality GIS Field Data Can Improve Your Bottom Line
Join us for a webinar on 24 June for a look at how you can ensure youre collecting high quality data when mapping and monitoring your field assets.

Safe Software June 24th
Webinar: Comparison of 9 Open Data Portals
Get a comparison of CKAN, Socrata, ArcGIS Open Data and other top open data solutions. Plus get answers to best practice questions such as: Which datasets are important to share? What are the approximate costs? Which file formats should the data be shared in? How often should the data get updated? And overall, how can we ensure success with our open data portal?

Sigmaspace June 30th
Webinar: Single Photon LIDAR: Why Not See the Forest AND the Trees?
In stark contrast to the linear-mode LIDAR sensors available on the commercial market, single photon sensitive sensors offer multiple advantages for customers seeking cost-effective collection of wide area elevation data. Conventional linear-mode sensors require detection of hundreds to thousands of photons per range measurement