Mandli Communications at TRB: The Blueprint

Mandli Communications would like to invite attendees to visit us at TRB 2013. This year we will have one of our Hummer H2 data collection vehicles at our booth,#3212, for a viewing of our integrated collection technology. Our systems includes high-resolution LiDAR sensors, the Laser Crack Measurement System(LCMS), Road Surface Profiler (RSP), high-resolution right-of-way imaging system, and a robust positional system with integrated DMI and IMU. In the past yearwe have utilized this technology for projects in the transportation, utility, and railway industries. Please stop by to see a live demonstration of the data collectedduring these projects, as well as our internally developed LiDAR data management applications. Please send an email to to set up a meeting time or a detailed demo during theconference. We look forward to seeing you at TRB and showing you the future of mobile data collection.