Hillingdon Surveys Streets with Electronic Eye Technology from Yotta DCL

Leamington Spa, 03 May 2012 Yotta DCL has won a contract from the London Borough of Hillingdon for a high-tech digital video survey of the Boroughs highway assets, with complementary professional support services. Yotta DCL will capture street level images along Hillingdons 500km road network at normal traffic speeds to give a fast, accurate and updated overview of a wide range of assets, including carriageway, footways, verges, cycletracks, street benches, road markings and signs.

The asset inventory information will be used to bring Hillingdons Exor computerised asset management system up to date. When the Boroughs new highways maintenance budget is confirmed and available, Yotta DCL will extract further inventory from the video survey to add additional detail to the network.

Yotta DCLs video survey captures high-resolution street-level images of highways assets for example, carriageways, footways, verges, cycle tracks, road signs, street name plates, bollards, road markings, verges, footway, lampposts, etc – using bespoke inventory capture vehicles. The vehicles are specially adapted vans equipped with high-grade inertia tracking and differential GPS software that can cover approximately 75km of road network per day. Yotta DCL can extract detailed inventory datasets from the images and supply them geo-referenced for loading into the customers software package or for using with its own Horizons Visualised Asset Management software.

About Yotta DCL

Yotta DCL is at the forefront of highway technology and services. The companys surveyors cover hundreds of miles of roads collecting all types of data every day to help transform highway surveys into solutions with real benefits. Its broad experience working with local authorities enables Yotta DCL to provide a range of survey solutions for councils to efficiently manage and maintain their highway assets.

Surveys from Yotta DCL include Coarse Visual Inspections (CVI), Detailed Visual Inspections (DVI), machine scanning using its high tech Scanner vehicles and asset inventory surveys. It also develops and supports a wide range of software such as MARCHpms the industry renowned and respected pavement management system, Nano the user friendly asset management software and NotiVia, its new data capture tool.

Yotta DCLs consultancy services team offers bespoke and scheduled training seminars, UKPMS expertise and data analysis to customers of all pavement management systems. Customers include the Welsh Assembly Government, Southampton City Council, Nottingham City Council, Hampshire County council and Northumberland City Council.

Yotta DCL is part of the OMG plc group of companies. Founded in 1984, OMG is a successful British technology company and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. OMG is one of the worlds leading suppliers of image understanding systems, with customers all over the world.