Maptek Donates Equipment to South Dakota School of Mines

Maptek continues to support the South Dakota School of Mines Department of Mining Engineering and Management with valuable equipment donations.

Sponsor of the Maptek Advanced Mine Design Center at the university, Maptek recently donated an I-Site 4400 Laser Scanning System for educational purposes. This new equipment will enhance the facultys ability to promote the benefits of laser scanning to students.

Maptek also made a sizable donation to the school for replacement computers in the state-of-the-art lab, enabling students to work on their own systems while in the classroom. South Dakotas mining program is the fourth largest in the US, with a current enrolment of 100 students expected to grow to 120 in 2012.

Maptek Vulcan and Maptek I-Site are valuable teaching tools at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. The mine design center will help the school continue to produce high quality engineers for the mining industry. ###

About Maptek

Maptek has been developing high technology solutions for the mining industry for 30 years. Maptek products are in use at more than 900 sites in over 60 countries, supported by professional and technical services in a worldwide network of 13 offices. Maptek Vulcan, a world-leading 3D mine planning and modelling package, has more than 5500 licences in use. Maptek I-Site is an integrated hardware and software system for mine survey, modelling and analysis.

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