Ambercore Offers TITAN Mobile Mapping Solution Variants

Ottawa, Canada, Monday, March 8, 2010 Mobile Mapping is an emerging technology that surveyors are using to reap the many benefits that come with it, including; accelerated data collection, compressed project schedules, increased safety and cost-effectiveness. Currently the most common use for mobile scanning is transportation-infrastructure projects, with many organizations taking advantage of stimulus plans and associated funding. Ambercores TITAN Mobile Laser Scanning Division has designed a mobile LiDAR solution for this purpose, having been proven on projects throughout the world since 2003.

In addition to those types of projects, there are other markets where mobile mapping is preferable to traditional methods of surveying. In these cases, a TITAN variant solution, designed using TITANs core technology, is best suited to meet specific needs.

Ambercore is pleased to offer a line of TITAN Mobile Mapping Solution Variants. Ambercore has recognized that each market sector has unique needs that would benefit from a custom solution. TITAN variants are designed to offer clients access to market specific system capabilities and configurations, allowing them to determine the best solution for their business,

As an example, a unique TITAN variant includes TITAN Underground, a system that provides a fast and highly accurate method of surveying deep vertical mine shafts in major underground mines. This system also provides a solution for horizontal tunnels in mines, highways and railroads where traditional survey techniques are costly and disruptive. A second variant example is TITAN Long Range; a scanning solution designed to provide fast, safe and accurate surveying of surface mines and other challenging situations where a range in excess of 300 meters is necessary to accomplish the project. The rapid collection provided by this rugged system enables time critical surveys which were impossible in the past using conventional methods.

There are numerous other TITAN variants that all use the best in hardware components and offer unique software to meet specific client and market sector demands. Couple this with Ambercores highly skilled and industry certified design and integration team, and the outcome is a world class mobile scanning solution to meet any need.

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About Ambercore
Ambercore is the 4D Company. We make innovative mobile LiDAR technology, we provide LiDAR data collection services, and integrate and extract knowledge from 4D data. Ambercores TITAN is a revolutionary technology that produces high accuracy survey and mapping products for corridor and infrastructure projects across a number of vertical markets. Travelling at highway speeds or on rail or vessel the system uses state-of-the-art LiDAR, imaging and positioning technology to provide feature rich 3-dimensional data, from which intelligent information is extracted and delivered to clients. The systems are manufactured by our highly skilled, industry certified design and integration team who leverage years of combined expertise in the design and delivery of each solution. TITAN has been deployed on projects throughout the world since 2003. Best of breed solutions comprised of software, hardware and services have been deployed internationally with tier-one clients. Ambercore is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with offices in Houston, Calgary, South Africa and Europe.