Mobile LiDAR Mapping – A focus for the upcoming International LiDAR Mapping Forum

The upcoming International LiDAR Mapping Forum which is being held in Denver, Colorado, USA from March 3 5, 2010 has devoted a new conference session to mobile mapping and has introduced a number of introductory workshops on the subject as well as attracting a large number of exhibitors who will be promoting this cutting edge technology.

Synergy between airborne LIDAR mapping and mobile mapping
The standards and best practices for airborne LIDAR and mobile mapping are closely aligned making it a natural addition to the well established ILMF conference program. A new Mobile Mapping Systems committee is being created within the Photogrammetric Applications Division of the ASPRS to provide the technical forum for mobile mapping. This forum will focus on data standards and best practices for acquisition, processing and delivery. Since the (airborne) LIDAR Committee is within the Photogrammetric Applications Division as well, we will be able to provide leverage knowhow between the two groups. Comments Lewis Graham, President and Chief Technical Officer for GeoCue Corporation. Through the close partnership between the ASPRS and the ILMF, we see the ILMF as the premier event for focused presentations and exhibits for Mobile Mapping.

The ASPRS will be hosting a Hot Topics session that will focus on both airborne LIDAR and mobile mapping. Details on this session will be available shortly on the ILMF website

Mobile mapping A rapidly emerging technology
With airborne LIDAR mapping now well accepted as a cost effective and accurate method of creating large-area topographic maps or digital elevation models, the new rapidly emerging technology to watch is mobile LIDAR mapping.

The advantages of Mobile Mapping are: the speed of data acquisition and the recording of real world, geo-referenced information; increased efficiency and productivity as many different forms of data are acquired simultaneously rather than requiring separate survey missions; the accuracy of the data, resulting from the high resolution and precision of the sensors, which can be verified very quickly on site. Mobile Mapping offers flexibility as these systems can be mounted on a variety of platforms, including cars, trucks, railroad high-rail vehicles and even boats.

ILMF conference to provide comprehensive overview of the mobile mapping market
Delegates will have the opportunity to learn about the leading commercial mobile mapping sensors, the ancillary enabling technologies such as positioning systems and processing software and the technical considerations with integrating this technology into production shops that have historically processed airborne data. Paul DiGiacobbe, National Data Aquisition Manager with HNTB will highlight how mobile mapping technology is changing how transportation projects are surveyed, designed and built; Jolle Jelle de Vries, Managing Director with Geomaat in the Netherlands will demonstrate how mobile mapping enables surveys to be completed with minimal impact on road users with high accuracy results; Brian Bailey of Optech will demonstrate how the innovative Lynx Mobile MapperTM has been at the forefront of this burgeoning technology. To view the full conference program visit

Need to learn about the basics to Mobile Mapping
Riegl USA Inc, StreetMapper Inc, Optech Corporation and GeoCue Corporation will all be hosting one hour workshops focusing on the fundamental principles of mobile mapping. Learn about the technology and workshop issues that contribute to maintaining its high accuracy; the basic terminology; eye safety in LIDAR; main parts of a MLS system; error budget; data processing workflows and example data and key features. These workshops are free to attend for all registered delegates. To view the full workshop program visit

Leading Mobile Mapping Manufacturers and suppliers exhibiting
ILMF has attracted more exhibitors than ever before with over 50 exhibitors now confirmed. Companies that will specifically be promoting their mobile mapping capabilities include Riegl with their new mobile LIDAR scanning system the VMX-250; Optech with the innovative Lynx Mobile MapperTM; StreetMapper who are set to challenge traditional surveying techniques with high speed data capture and sub centimetre accurate results and Trimble with their Cougar Advanced Technology Demonstrator System that will demonstrate data capture and automated extraction capabilities for video logging, asset management and mobile survey.

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