RIEGL Announces Fully Integrated Mobile Laser Scanning System VMX-250 Ready for Serial Production

Horn, Austria–RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems www.riegl.com announces serial production and prompt availability of the VMX-250 Mobile Scanning System which was first introduced at the INTERGEO Exhibition, Karlsruhe, 2009.

The VMX-250 System consists of two RIEGL VQ-250 "Full Circle-Laser Scanners, which combined can achieve 600,000 measurements per second, enabling an extremely fast, efficient and highly accurate 3D mapping of highways, streets, railroads, and the like. The system configuration further comprises the latest, modular IMU/GPS unit.

The revolutionary RIEGL technologies "Echo Signal Digitization and "Online Waveform Analysis result in excellent multi-target detection, even of 3D data of objects which are obscured by physical entities in the foreground (fences, vegetation, etc.). This opens new capabilities for the processing and transformation of the measured data into a 3-dimensional computer model.

"Effort for installation and starting up the VMX-250 is limited to a minimum. The compact and light design of the measuring unit allows it to be mounted onto any commercial car roof carrier, it is connected to the control unit (located inside the car) with a single cable, and can easily be operated via touchscreen said Nikolaus Studnicka, RIEGLs International Sales Manager.

The RIEGL VMX-250 proves itself through its unrivaled compact design and handiness, its user friendly workflow, and its seamless integration of the INS data. The digital interfaces of the VMX-250 System are prepared also for integration of a customer specified camera system.

The installed IMU sensor with its minimum export restrictions allows the RIEGL VMX-250 system to be delivered and operated practically worldwide.

Meet us at the RIEGL USA booth number 1 at SPAR 2010 in Houston to see a live demo of the new VMX-250 mobile laser scanning system.

About RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems GmbH
RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems GmbH is an Austrian company with 30 years of experience in the research, development and production of laser rangefinders, distancemeters and 3D laser scanners for terrestrial, airborne, mobile, and industrial applications. For more information about the products and services, please visit RIEGLs corporate website www.riegl.com.