ITT to Exhibit Its Innovative Airborne Natural Gas Emission Lidar (Angel) Services

WHAT: ITT Corporation will exhibit its ANGEL Services at this years Pipeline Leak Detection & Monitoring Conference, including:
Airborne leak detection services that effectively and efficiently pinpoint natural gas pipeline leaks and facility emissions missed by current industry and regulatory best practices.
– ANGEL Services can leak survey up to 1,000 miles per day while guaranteeing a minimum of 99% pipeline centerline leak survey coverage.
– ANGEL Services streamlines and simplifies natural gas transmission pipeline leak detection compliance and reporting activities
– Customer deliverables include: GIS datasets of leak survey results, methane plume visualization imagery, orthomosaic corridor mapping imagery, geospatial corridor patrol video, leak quantifications.
A new set of tools used to locate, detect and quantify land-based methane seeps for natural gas exploration.

Mr. Donald Price from Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) will present an update on the PG&E gas transmission emergency response program. It will take place on Thursday October 29th at 4:05pm.

At the ITT ANGEL Services booth, attendees will be able to view a television broadcast segment, featuring interviews with representatives from El Paso Corporations Tennessee Gas Pipeline and ANGEL Services, as aired on Discovery Channel Canadas The Daily Planet science and technology show.

WHO: Daniel Brake Director, ANGEL Services, ITT Space Systems Division

WHEN: Pipeline Leak Detection & Monitoring Conference 2009 October 28-29, 2009
One-on-one interviews: available by advance appointment

WHERE: Booth #13/14 Omni Woodway, Houston, Texas

MORE: By finding the natural gas leaks and methane emissions other methods have missed, ANGEL Services provides customers with:
Enhanced community and employee safety
Measureable cost savings and improved ROI on pipeline integrity activities
Environmental stewardship and compliance tools to satisfy EPA Greenhouse Gas (GHG) measurement and reporting requirements
Preservation and protection of finite natural resources
Continuity of pipeline and facility network operations

ITTs ANGEL Services utilizes differential absorption lidar (DIAL) laser technology to pinpoint natural gas pipeline leaks and facility emissions that current industry and regulatory best practices are missing.

ANGEL Services can quantify emission flow rates and identify emission sources with precise GIS datasets of leak survey results and orthomosaic mapping imagery.

Additionally, ANGEL Services has a new set of tools for natural gas exploration by detecting, locating and quantifying land-based methane seeps, even across rugged terrain and remote areas.

ANGEL Services delivers the flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness to accelerate identification of potential natural gas well sites and production opportunities.

More info: or (585) 269-5121.