International LIDAR Mapping Forum Announces Program for 2007 Conference

The most important event of the year for the LIDAR mapping industry will take place in Baltimore, Maryland – February 12-13, 2007. The International LIDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) 2007 has become the "Summit" for LIDAR professionals as well as those wanting to expand their knowledge of LIDAR technology and its applications. The ILMF 2007 conference program promises to be the best yet.

ILMF 2007 Conference Program:

Monday, February 12

"Automatic Integration of 2D Imagery with 3D Data," Philippe Simard, PhD – SimActive Inc.
"Production Partitioning for Managing Large LIDAR Projects," Brad Herman – GeoCue Corporation.
"Merging LIDAR and Softcopy Photogrammetry in SOCET SET," Bingcai Zhang, Stewart Walker – BAE Systems National Security Solutions.
"Processing and Classification of LIDAR Data Using Virtual Surfaces Method for Generation of Digital Terrain Models," Al Gorkavyi – Greenwich Institute for Science and Technology.
"LIDAR Database Indexing API," Dale Theriot – Diamond Data Systems, Inc.

Break 10:00 10:30

"Airborne Laser Scanning Surveying," Peter Rigger – Riegl USA, Inc.
"Field Experience of Combining LIDAR and Digital Cameras for Multi-Purpose Survey of Urban Areas," Peter Goellner – Geokosmos International.
"Aerial LIDAR Mapping: Evolving from Wide Area Mapping to an Engineering Project Tool," Steffen Firchau – TopoSys Topographische Systemdaten GmbH.

Lunch 12:00 1:30

"Surveys in Shallow, Challenging Environments," Peter Hobson, BA, MSc – Admiralty Coastal Surveys AB.
"Using the SHOALS-3000’s Reflectance for an Advance Mapping and Classification of a Coastal Zone," Antoine Cottin, Bernard Long – INRS-ETE, Houzhi Pan – Optech, Gunho Shon – York University.
"Surveys with a 1kHz, Green Laser for Bathymetric, Coastal Zone Applications," James Guilford – Tenix LADS Inc.

Break 3:00 3:30

"Using Binary Space Partitioning Tree for Reconstructing 3D Building Models from Airborne LIDAR Data," G. Sohn, V. Tao – GeoICT Lab, York University , X. Huang – Wuhan University.
"Object-Oriented Classification of LIDAR-Fused Hyperspectral Imagery for Tree Species Identification in an Urban Setting," Dr. Ramanathan Sugumaran, Matthew Voss – University of Northern Iowa.
"Emerging Alternatives in Airborne LIDAR Processing," Ronald B. Roth – Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging.
"Comparing Photogrammetry Enhanced LIDAR to 2D and LIDAR Stereo Breakline Techniques," Layton Hobbs , CP, CMS, PPS – Woolpert, Inc.
"Rapid Creation of Hard Breaklines for Use with LIDAR Studies," Alvan Karlin, PhD, GISP, Joseph Green, Michael Timpe, PE, Mark Schwartz , PE – BCI Engineers and Scientists


Tuesday, February 13

"A New Data Type for Managing LIDAR Data in Oracle Database," Xavier Lopez, Jayant Sharma – Oracle Inc. USA.
"Integration of LIDAR Data to the ESRI ArcGIS Environment," Mike Watry, Torin Haskell – QCoherent Software.
Break 10:00 10:30
"Autonomous Selection of Non-Linear Inpainting Techniques vs. Stochastic Inpainting Techniques for High Resolution Digital Elevation Models," Mark Rahmes, Harlan Yates Harris Corp.
"High Altitude LIDAR Profiler Data to Augment Interferometric SAR (IFSAR) Data Evaluation and Processing," Thomas Carson, PhD, Steve Shaffer – EarthData International Incorporated.

Lunch 12:00 1:30

"Rapid Assessment / Assignment Tools for Large LIDAR Projects," Lewis Graham – GeoCue Corporation.
"Generation of 3D Tree and Forest Canopy Data: LIDAR-based Data Models," Raul Campos-Marquetti, Ramesh Sridharan – Spectrum Mapping, LLC.
"High Accuracy Data Registration for a Multi-Sensor Fusion Platform," Mark Romano, Bill Emison – Merrick & Company.
"Impervious Surface Mapping Using LIDAR Data," Qian Xiao, CP – Woolpert, Inc.
For those about to spend tens, hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars on LIDAR products or services, ILMF 2007 is a MUST!

As the premier event for the LIDAR mapping industry, ILMF 2007 has produced a compelling program for an intimate, focused meeting with outstanding networking, education and marketing opportunities. (ILMF 2007 Conference Program sessions and speakers have been confirmed but are subject to change).

Online conference registration for ILMF 2007 is available at the International LIDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) web site. Full conference registration of $490 provides access to all conference sessions and materials; complete conference proceedings; access to all sponsored social events, meals, breaks and reception.

The deadline for the special ILMF hotel rate is one week away.

ILMF has attained a special conference room rate of $149 per room/night at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel, 700 Aliceanna Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202 USA, Phone: 1-410-385-3000, Toll-free: 1-800-228-9290.

For room reservations, attendees can call the toll free number and provide the group code or go to and in the block labeled "group code" enter the group code of "LIDLIDA" along with your check in/check out dates to make reservations.

The International LIDAR Mapping Forum is the industry group committed to the advancement of education and knowledge of LIDAR mapping technology and applications. To further this goal, the ILMF holds an annual meeting that brings together LIDAR professionals from around the world to network and learn about the latest technology, issues affecting LIDAR mapping and future opportunities.

Be a part of the biggest event in the LIDAR industry contact the ILMF 2007 conference organizer at 303-298-9847 ext 333, or visit for registration, sponsor and exhibit information.