Author: Thad Wester

Thad Wester

Thad Wester ... Thad has an undergraduate (2009) and master degree (2011) in Geography from East Carolina University. While at school Thad's research used terrestrial laser scanners to measure the pattern and sequence of sediment movement in steep recently burned basins located in southern California, in an effort to improve U.S.G.S warnings of deadly post fire debris flows. Thad is currently employed as a GIS contractor at Sandhill Telephone Cooperative in South Carolina where he is working to develop an enterprise GIS based on an ESRI platform. In his personnel time Thad is working to introduce the focused use of laser scanning and has developed relationships with local architects, engineers, surveyors and some national businesses. Thad also actively consults several local clients on the use of GIS for their business. When not working Thad spends time with his wife Georgiana, playing tennis, surfing and sailing at his families beach house in Bald Head Island, NC.
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