Author: Michael R. Frecks, P.L.S

Michael R. Frecks, P.L.S

Michael R. Frecks, P.L.S... founded Terrametrix, LLC in 2008 to meet the needs for safer more efficient roadway and streetscape documentation using 3D laser technology. Terrametrix is a service provider allowing engineering, architect and surveying companies to become involved in Terrestrial Mobile LiDAR Scanning (TMLS) documentation without the capital investment. Terrametrix utilizes the StreetMapper 360 mobile technology along with a variety of portable tools like the handheld oscillating scanner for more defined areas to customize projects. His extensive experience in high tech 3D laser scanning as a consultant and advisor, along with 36 years of experience in the field of land surveying, a PLS since 1992, makes him an innovator in the field. Michael's experience of solving problems in the AEC disciplines has enhanced the efficiency of laser scanning by indentifying which tools to use for specific results and is an advocate of the use of 3D imaging systems to accurately characterize "as-is" conditions of existing conditions. This approach to field measurement and documentation increases the accuracy, availability and usability of virtual, smart object modeling for BIM and TIM within the design. His career project portfolio includes documentation for world-wide UNESCO identified sites; plant environments including nuclear and processing facilities; architectural documentation of theatres, plazas and historic buildings; and transportation/civil documentation.
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