Author: Gordon Petrie

Gordon Petrie

Gordon Petrie is emeritus professor of topographic science at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. He joined the University in 1958 after a short career as a professional land surveyor with the U.K. Directorate of Overseas Surveys, working mainly in Yemen. He taught and researched in photogrammetry, remote sensing and surveying in Glasgow until his retirement, but continues to write and research extensively, for example on the history of mapping and on photogrammetric and laser instrumentation. Gordon has had strong connections with the U.S.A. through his frequent participation in academic and professional meetings and his spells as visiting professor at the University of Georgia (twice) and Miami University of Ohio. He received the Fairchild Photogrammetric Award from ASPRS in 2008 and has also been the recipient of the President's Medal by the U.K. Photogrammetric Society and the Bartholomew Globe by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society.