Author: Fred Roeder, LS

Fred Roeder, LS

Fred Roeder lives in Tularosa, New Mexico. He emigrated to the United States from Germany in 1957 and spent most of his surveying career in the Southwest, working for the U.S. Forest Service. Now retired, he started writing a regular column for the New Mexico Professional Surveyors Newsletter in 1988. In 1994, NMPS produced Antepasados, a book of his columns. Many surveyors are good writers, especially about technical or legal matters. However, it's not often that we find a surveyor/story-teller who can present historical facts in a manner that makes them fun to read. Fred Roeder is such a writer and we are pleased to present more than 80 of his stories here. Bibliography is a list of the books Fred used in his writings, and includes a numbered index of the articles. Index is a list of all the articles Fred has written and when. Editor's pick: The King Who Had No Title
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Carl Friedrich Gauss

Every self-respecting surveyor knows that our first, third, and sixteenth Presidents had for a brief period in their lives been surveyors. But not…


The Mark Of The Wolf

I have long believed that surveying is truly the oldest profession, eons ahead of whatever is in second place. No other human activity…


Longitude Zero

On a recent flight from Frankfurt to Atlanta I whiled away the seemingly endless hours by reading The Da Vinci Code. I am…


The Mapmaker’s Wife

In response to a pointer from Earl F. Burkholder I recently read an interesting book with the eye-catching title of: The Mapmaker’s Wife,…


Two Maps of Santa Fe

Maps have always been associated with military intelligence and map making has been high on the list of required skills in the officer…