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Fred Persi

Fred Persi ... Dr. Fred M. Persi is an industry consultant focused on developing technology businesses, particularly in the 3D imaging and software markets. He has pioneered 3D data acquisition and processing for a variety of applications in the industrial, military, and government sectors. Dr. Persi has advanced lidar technologies and their applications for almost two decades, holding key management roles in building one of the world's oldest and most experienced laser-scanning service corporations. He has made contributions in virtually every facet of the data chain: from hardware design, manufacturing and calibration, through field collection, logistics and quality assurance, to the development of commercial software products and data processing. His systems, work flows and products have been used in over 1,000 successful projects ranging from small buildings to large industrial plants. Dr. Persi holds Ph.D. and Masters degrees in Physics from Princeton University and B.S. Degrees in Mathematics and Physics from Penn State University. He has published in the areas of software engineering, machine vision, high energy physics and cosmology. He holds several patents in lidar scanning and is a member of ASTM committee E57 on 3D Imaging Systems.
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