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Chris Zmijewski

Chris Zmijewski is the Vice President of Haag 3D Solutions, a division of Haag Engineering Company. Before his appointment as Vice President, Chris was, for the past five years, the Practice Leader for 3D Digital Imaging and Mapping, responsible for all aspects of overall initiatives relative to 3D Laser Scanning for Stantec - North America. With over 28 years of experience in the science of surveying, he has been involved with the technology of 3D Laser Scanning for the last 10 years. Within the Stantec organization, he pioneered new ways to pair the technology of 3DLS with that of conventional survey techniques. Over the past four years, he has presented numerous state and international seminars and workshops on the basics of 3D Laser Scanning Technology and has been published in various periodicals and major magazines in the industryand sits on the Advisory Board of SPAR Point Research. In his current role as Vice President of Haag 3D Solutions, Chris is responsible for all major 3D initiatives at Haag Engineering for commercial, industrial, municipal, private and international projects throughout the United States and Europe.
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