Fixed-Wing Drones—Are They Better Than Multi-Rotor?


Hosted by Eric Andelin CP, Senior Workflow Advisor with SimActive and guest speaker, Yovist Taufan, Founder and Director of Quantindo.

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Are multi-rotors dying a slow death in the traditional mapping space? As projects get bigger, it makes more sense to use fixed-wing drones as they cover more ground per mission. With the introduction of new payloads such as multi-camera systems and lidar, fixed wings are now capable of doing everything a multi-rotor can. So if fixed-wings take over the traditional mapping space, are they a threat to aircraft? Not necessarily, as it depends on geographic location and access. Yovist Taufan, Founder and Director of Quantindo, joins our host Eric Andelin to discuss how larger mapping projects create unique challenges.

Specifically, attendees will learn about the following:

  • Advantages of fixed-wing drones over multi-rotor
  • Projects that benefit from fixed-wing
  • New fixed-wing payload options
  • Unique processing challenges