RIEGL Webinar Announcement: Beyond the Surface

How RIEGL & Whiteout Solutions Are Using UAV Bathymetric LiDAR To Map Riverine & Coastal Environments

Register Today to go “Beyond the Surface” with Paul Burrows, Evan Carlson, and Tyler Shriver on May 16th from 11-11:45AM (EDT) highlighting RIEGL Bathymetric LiDAR.


On this webinar you will learn how RIEGL Bathymetric LiDAR is being utilized by Whiteout Solutions on various projects and discuss how UAV-based LiDAR has streamlined their mission to map the impacts of climate change.

Read more on Whiteout Solutions projects featuring the RIEGL VQ-840-GL topo-bathymetric system integrated onto a Harris Aerial UAV platform: Whiteout Solutions Tackles the Impacts of Climate Change with RIEGL Bathymetric LiDAR Solutions | The RIEGL Newsroom


Data collected for the Pleasant Grove Mitigation Survey

Webinar Date: May 16th from 11:00-11:45AM (EDT)


·     How RIEGL Bathymetric LiDAR operates
·     The different RIEGL Bathymetric LiDAR options
·     Real-world examples and results
·     Drone integration
·     Applications and market verticals



Lyndon River Corridor data collection