Global Marketing Insights to Present GEOINT 2024 Workshop on Protecting Global Supply Chains from Cyber and Kinetic Attacks

Cleveland, Ohio, 29 April 2024 – Global Marketing Insights (GMI) will present a GEOINT 2024 training workshop on identifying failure points in global supply chains and protecting them from cyber and kinetic attacks. The session will be led by GMI President Dr. Shawana Johnson, GISP, and security expert Bryan K. Fite with support from Mohammed Kharij.


“Cyber (Supply) Chain Smoking: Identifying (Hidden) Dependencies and Failures will be held Monday, May 6, 7:30-8:30 am, in Room Miami 1 at GEOINT 2024 in the Gaylord Palms, Kissimmee, Fla. The session is open to all Symposium attendees, but advance registration is required at

Session Summary: “Worlds are colliding!” is not just another random Seinfeld reference. It is a wake-up call for all practitioners to better understand how the convergence of domains like Cyber and Physical create places for failures at scale. The objective of this training is to demonstrate and guide the attendee through these vulnerabilities and dependencies regardless of their cyber, networking, geospatial and/or GEOINT practitioner level.

Single domain threat catalogs are not enough. Multi-domain threat catalogs are required to design and operate systems that are safe, secure and resilient. By creating stakeholder relevant models, previously undocumented attack vectors, hidden dependencies, and inter-domain control gaps can be identified. Further methodologies and test scripts (called “attack packs”) will be shared which were developed to simulate multi-domain attacks, which lead to cascading failures achieving a very specific objective. This is how we Smoke Supply Chains!

Learning Outcomes for Attendees:

1) Frame the challenges of protecting converged multi-domain ecosystems that have (hidden) dependencies and can impact human beneficiaries.

2) Discuss the methodology and tools used in the field to select and model multi-domain attack vector candidates to populate a threat catalog.

3) Demonstrate three types of (novel) multi-domain attacks that lead to cascading failure and achieve a specific objective with demonstrations such as:

  1. Port disruption caused by kinetic and cyber “events” to cause market manipulation for spot traders (“Orange juice Mortimer?”).
  2. Execution of one smart contract, some targeted DDoS and forced routing through compromised infrastructure which triggers Armageddon.
  3. Key satellite falls from its orbit at the same time an undersea cable is damaged causing disaster recovery and business/operational continuity planning processes to activate compromised assets that automatically become “trusted”.

4) Map those attacks against well-known attack Matrix and discuss control affinities and selection and provide prescriptive guidance to address each demonstrated attack.

5) Demonstrate progress using Creative Commons and Open Source terms.

Instructor Bios:

Dr. Shawana P. Johnson, GISP – Globally known commercial geospatial SME focused on bridging commercial geospatial technology to the USG and advanced science discovery for the digital transformation and connectivity for Supply Chain analysis – Strengths and Vulnerabilities. Tradecraft Main Stage Presenter, GEOINT 2022; Doctorate in Mgt. Case Western Reserve University and Certificate, Harvard University 2019, Kennedy School of Government, Senior Managers in Government.

Bryan K. Fite – Bryan Fite of Meshco Inc. is a committed security practitioner, independent researcher and creator of Packetwars™ the world’s first cyber sport. Having spent over 25 years in mission-critical environments, Bryan is uniquely qualified to advise organizations on what works and what doesn’t. Bryan has worked with organizations in every major vertical throughout the world and has established himself as a trusted advisor. “The challenges facing organizations today require a business reasonable approach to managing risk, trust and limited resources, while protecting what matters.”

Mohammed Kharij – Junior 2023-2024 Academic Year, Cybersecurity Major, Wright State University, Dayton, OH focused on adversarial perspectives to discover and patch overlooked flaws. A US Citizen and research intern for Packetwars™.

Body of Knowledge Topics: cyber vulnerabilities, adversarial attack matrix, defensive cybersecurity countermeasures, commercial satellite communications, airborne sensors, data visualization, open-source geospatial data, cybercriminal tactics, techniques and procedures.

About Global Marketing Insights

Global Marketing Insights, Inc. (GMI) works with the USG and industry providing an unparalleled depth of Geospatial Business Intelligence Expertise™ in high technology industries such as 5G networks, Spaceborne, Airborne, Terrestrial and Sensors, and advanced analytics access utilizing AI/ML helping bridge the gap between US Government mission needs and global commercial data access.