CHC Navigation Unveils RS10

A Revolutionary Integrated Handheld SLAM Laser Scanner + GNSS RTK System

Shanghai, China — February 18, 2023 — CHC Navigation (CHCNAV), a global leader in the geospatial industry, has launched the RS10, an innovative and affordable handheld SLAM LiDAR laser scanner integrated with a full RTK GNSS receiver.CHC

Designed to improve the efficiency across a wide range of mapping and surveying applications, the RS10 provides professionals with a versatile, all-in-one tool for capturing rich 3D geospatial data in both outdoor and indoor environments. By combining survey-grade GNSS RTK receiver with the handheld LiDAR SLAM system, the RS10 simplifies workflows without compromising accuracy or flexibility.

“We are excited to introduce the RS10, which represents another milestone in CHC Navigation’s ongoing mission to push the boundaries of 3D geospatial data capture.” said Byron Yuan, Senior Vice President of CHCNAV. “With its unique fusion of technologies in a handheld format, the RS10 provides an incredibly affordable solution for 3D LiDAR-SLAM reality capture and demanding GNSS RTK surveying projects.”

RTK and SLAM Fusion for Better Accuracy Mapping

The RS10 integrates a state-of-the-art GNSS Smart Antenna for RTK positioning accuracy even in challenging environments. Combined with the system’s high-precision LiDAR and three HD cameras, it fuses RTK, laser and visual SLAM to deliver 5cm absolute measurement accuracy. From detailed architectural surveys to complex infrastructure projects, the RS10 gives professionals the tools they need to efficiently collect detailed, accurate data.

Real-Time SLAM Capabilities

With a powerful on-board processor, the RS10 enables real-time georeferenced point cloud generation in the field. Users receive instant feedback, allowing them to make adjustments while scanning to ensure complete and detailed coverage. Large sites up to 13,000 square meters can be mapped in real time.

Efficient Loop-Free Operation

The integration of high-precision GNSS and SLAM technologies eliminates the need for traditional loop closure, which often complicates the data collection process for handheld scanners. Users can freely scan target areas without having to return to previous locations. This streamlines field data capture and significantly reduces time spent in the field.

Seamless Outdoor to Indoor Mapping

The RS10 provides a seamless workflow for surveying projects spanning outdoor and indoor spaces. Its integrated RTK receiver offers robust positioning outdoors while SLAM takes over when transitioning indoors – all within a shared coordinate system without requiring additional geo-referencing steps. Users can select the desired projection system directly in the field by using either the SmartGo App or LandStar8 software.

For indoor and some outdoor environments where GNSS signals are weak or absent, the RS10 calculates accurate RTK point coordinates, ensuring measurements with 5 cm precision within 1 minute in satellite denied environments, opening up new possibilities for surveying indoor spaces and urban canyons.

New Surveying Experience

The RS10’s Vi-LiDAR technology offers a new mode of RTK surveying that combines GNSS rover capabilities with laser scanning for contactless offset measurements. By simply selecting the point to be measured in the LandStar8 software, its three-dimensional coordinates are calculated in real time from the intersection of the RTK-origin segment and the LiDAR point cloud to an accuracy of 5 cm within 15 m (50 ft).

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