Woolpert Expands Geospatial Data Acquisition Capabilities with New Mobile Mapping System

The firm continues its investment in the latest technologies and equipment to enhance client deliverables.

Denver (Feb. 9, 2024)Woolpert has invested in Leica Geosystem’s Leica Pegasus TRK700 Neo, a dual scanner with one million measurements per second, to augment its geospatial data collection capabilities. This new mobile mapping system will be used to conduct aviation and transportation infrastructure surveys to support asset management and inventories, statewide GIS solicitations, and other state department of transportation needs.

The TRK700 Neo uses a combination of high-precision GNSS positioning, inertial measurement units, and lidar data to generate accurate 3D point clouds of the surrounding environment. It includes four lidar sensors that capture data at a range of up to 250 meters. Two lidar sensors are dedicated to high-precision mapping while the other two sensors are used for measuring its surroundings, aiding with accurate positioning using simultaneous localization, and mapping.

Woolpert Geospatial Specialist Steven Cairns said Woolpert used the TRK700 Neo for five lidar data acquisition projects last month.

“This new system not only facilitates improved speed and reliability for our team’s surveying capabilities in the field but also drives a higher quality and more comprehensive deliverable for clients,” Cairns said. “Woolpert is best known for its aerial lidar data collections, bathymetric lidar and surveying, and terrestrial scanning, but our mobile mapping system capabilities adhere to the same high-accuracy standards in line with client need.”

Woolpert Survey Discipline Leader David Kuxhausen added that the firm’s continued growth and investment in new and proven technologies and equipment align with the evolving and expansive applications of geospatial data.

“Geospatial data is vital to every industry where location is important, so just about every industry, and every day there are new and highly beneficial uses for that data,” Kuxhausen said. “Woolpert has been in the geospatial industry for more than 50 years, and we have worked with Leica Geosystems for 35 years. We’re excited to employ this outstanding technology to make sure our clients receive the value and quality they have come to expect.”

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