Scanfly v3: The Mobile Mapper, Redefined

Back in 2016, 3D Target pitched its first version of Scanfly at Intergeo. The lidar technology was just emerging in the UAV market, and 3D Target proposed its vision with a device that could also be used in any other vehicle. Easy-to-use was the keyword: a simple user experience with no compromises on performance.

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Seven years later, 3D Target is pleased to present the third generation of Scanfly. Scanfly v3 confirms the multi-platform design, with a single workflow from UAV, land vehicles and worn on a backpack, and brings the easy-to-use philosophy to brand new levels, with its unique tool-less and cable-less design. The multi-pin interface enables the easy coupling with the dedicated mounting accessories and a selection of high-resolution cameras.

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Scanfly v3 is available in two different configurations: Scanfly EVO is the natural evolution of the previous Scanfly series, in a compact form factor. Featuring the Applanix APX-15L INS and the Hesai PandarXT-32 Lidar head, the Scanfly EVO is a reliable workhorse and the perfect all-round mobile mapper.

Scanfly PRO unleashes the full power of the Applanix AP+20 and the Hesai XT32M2X in the same form factor, for the best performances in difficult GNSS conditions, making it the best mobile mapper in its price range.

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Scanfly v3 comes with dedicated mounting adapters for DJI Matrice 350 RTK and a Land Mounting Kit, which allows for a vehicle or a backpack installation. SmartProcessing Lidar is the well-established suite to post-process the data collected in the field in high-quality point clouds.

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Scanfly v3 can be ordered immediately, with the first shipment scheduled for the end of 2023.

“Scanfly v3 is the result of more than 2 years of efforts of the 3D Target R&D team. We listened to the feedback of our reseller network and our valued customers all around the world, and we brought forward our philosophy to bring the most complete mobile mapper to the market.”, said Mauro Contrafatto, 3D Target’s Product Manager

3D Target presented the new Scanfly v3 series at the Intergeo exhibition, October 10-12 at Berlin Messe.

About 3D Target

In 2008, 3D Target ( ) was born as a commercial company and official distributor of non-destructive measuring instruments. In 2014 3D Target created an internal R&D division, dedicated to the integration of systems. 3D Target designed a universal device that could finally give an answer to everyone: Scanfly – the world, digitally twinned! For more information please visit and or contact us at