CompassData Appoints Kate Schlatter as New CEO

New Executive Team Introduced at GeoWeek 2023

Kate SchlatterDenver, Colorado, USA, February 9, 2023 – CompassData Inc. is pleased to announce that Kate Schlatter has been appointed its new CEO, effective immediately. Ms. Schlatter brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the new position that the Board is confident will lead CompassData to new heights. She also serves as CEO of CompassDrone, a CompassData company.

CompassData Inc. has the largest global archive of Ground Control Points (GCPs) – 65,000 and counting – available for immediate purchase, which can be used for orthorectification, airport mapping, data verification, and sensor calibration. CompassData offers services based around accuracy, including imagery, lidar, data acquisition, and value creation to geospatial data. CompassDrone, a CompassData company, expands the services to drone hardware sales, consulting, and data processing.

At CompassData, Ms. Schlatter will be responsible for leading the company’s overall strategy and growth. She will collaborate closely with the team to develop and implement new products, services, and solutions. With a primary focus of expanding the company’s reach and customer base.

In her new role at CompassData, Ms. Schlatter has re-organized the executive team. Hayden Howard was elected Executive Vice President, with Philipp Hummel as Vice President, and Derek Watson as Technical Director. CompassData will introduce the new team at GeoWeek 2023 during a reception at 4 pm Tuesday, February 14, in booth 513.

“I am very excited for Kate Schlatter to lead CompassData as CEO to expand our geospatial data and services business,” said Maggie Howard, Co-Founder and Chairman of CompassData. “Kate has been an integral part of building the GIS mapping, photogrammetry, survey, and telematics market growth in our 29 years.”

Ms. Schlatter has over 25 years of experience in the geospatial industry and has a proven track record of success in leadership roles. She has been the Chief Operating Officer for CompassCom Software and CompassData for over 18 years and was responsible for driving operational objectives and formulating strategies for the success and growth of the Compass Family Businesses. Ms. Schlatter holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a focus on Organizational Management from Colorado State University.

“Kate has the experience, operational background, and energy to lead CompassData as CEO,” said Brant Howard Co-Founder and Director. “With Hayden Howard as Executive Vice President and the CompassData team of professionals, Kate will provide the leadership to grow our position as the global leader in ground control data and expand our geospatial services.”

“Kate is a natural leader who can inspire and motivate our team. This was a primary requirement for the Board when looking for our new CEO. She is also a strong communicator who can articulate the company’s vision to team members and stakeholders,” said Hayden Howard, Executive Vice President of CompassData.

“Kate has a matchless mind and an enduring presence for the successful advancement of CompassData. She will bring her leadership talent and financial management experience to a deeply experienced team, the combination certain to be exciting for all the stakeholders in the market they serve,” said Charles Fred of TrueSpace, a CompassData business partner.

About CompassData

CompassData Inc., is a Women-owned business, headquartered in Denver, CO., has the largest archive of Ground Control Points (GCPs) at 65,000 available for immediate purchase, which can be used for orthorectification, airport mapping, data verification, and sensor calibration. Established in 1994, we provide the best quality geo-spatial data. Our mission is to map the world and make reliable, high accuracy data accessible and affordable. Our software tools also enable automated quality control of imagery and LiDAR products. We understand our clients’ needs and work hard to meet and exceed their expectations. We are always looking for ways to improve our services and make our client’s processes easier.

About CompassDrone

CompassDrone is a CompassData company in Denver, Colorado and part of the Compass Family of businesses founded in 1994, specializing in processing high-quality, spatially accurate data for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications, photogrammetry, LiDAR and remotely sensed data. CompassDrone is a full-service dealer for sale, rental or lease of drone equipment. We provide software, services, and training for drone-based data collection for industrial grade remote sensing projects. To learn more visit and