New Vexcel Partner Beijing GuoCe Opens Flagship Store in China

VexcelGraz, Austria • September 29, 2022 – Vexcel Imaging proudly announces a new partnership with ‘Beijing GuoCe Space Digital Technology Co. Ltd.’ located in Shi Jing Shan District, Beijing. Beijing GuoCe will become a Sales & Support Partner of Vexcel Imaging and distribute UltraCams and UltraMap software directly in China. In addition, our new partner will also operate a service center and open a chain of physical map stores, offering geospatial products such as cartographic books, navigation systems, digital maps, etc. Beijing GuoCe’s modern flagship store is already open.

Our new partner is a subsidiary of Beijing Siwei Spatial Data Technology Co. Ltd. Given the company’s core business in remote sensing engineering, geospatial data processing and solutions, and system integration and development, Beijing GuoCe is the ideal partner to promote Vexcel products in the Chinese market.

Beijing GuoCe will act as an UltraCam reseller and set up a service center together with Vexcel to quickly respond to customer inquiries and provide first-level support. To best meet the needs of our customers, a team of specialists will be built and trained by Vexcel experts, and an inventory of spare parts will also be established.

“We already have a long-standing, good working relationship with Beijing Siwei, and I am very pleased to continue this relationship by partnering with its subsidiary Beijing GuoCe,” said Alexander Wiechert, CEO of Vexcel Imaging.

Beijing GuoCe will not only be active in the large-format airborne sensor business but will continue to expand its activities and projects in the geospatial industry innovatively. For example, Beijing GuoCe plans to open a chain of new concept physical map business across China, as part of a joint venture with SinoMap Press, the largest state-owned map publisher in China. This will also serve as a platform for holding workshops, exhibitions and demonstrations of new geospatial products or technologies (including UltraCam). The first state-of-the-art, modern-design flagship store opened in Beijing in June 2022.

The new partnership with Beijing GuoCe expands the availability of Vexcel products in the Chinese market and underscores Vexcel’s and Beijing GuoCe’s commitment to meeting the demand for high-quality aerial imaging solutions in China.

About Beijing GuoCe

The medium-sized company Beijing GuoCe, a subsidiary of Beijing Siwei, provides a comprehensive range of innovative mapping and geospatial products, as well as related software and geospatial data. Through its newly established physical map business, the company also offers retail geoproducts, including cartographic books, navigation systems, digital maps, data, and media. Since its foundation in 2008, Beijing GuoCe has mainly worked with government agencies, large mapping companies and public agencies.

About Vexcel Imaging

Vexcel Imaging, the global leader in aerial imaging, develops cutting-edge large-format aerial cameras and photogrammetric software with innovative approaches, and places an emphasis on continuing product upgrades and world-class support. The broad UltraCam aerial camera portfolio covers all applications in airborne photogrammetry—from nadir to oblique to wide-area data collection. UltraCam data is processed with the UltraMap photogrammetry software, providing an end-to-end processing workflow for highly automated, quality data products that include point clouds, digital surface and terrain models, orthophotos and 3DTINs. Learn more about Vexcel Imaging under