Voyis Imaging Releases the Revolutionary Insight Nano Compact Laser Scanner

Voyis Imaging IncInsight Nano 05 1. (Voyis) has been a pioneer of subsea inspection technology, commercializing the first underwater laser scanner, the ULS-100. This product has been proven in surveys worldwide, producing quantitative analysis and actionable results in the most challenging environments.

With over a decade of successful projects, Voyis has decided to fuse customers’ feedback with the latest sensor technologies to deliver the next generation compact underwater laser scanning product – with higher data resolution, faster data capture, and greater control than ever before.  Voyis is pleased to release the latest model in the Insight laser scanner family, the new Insight Nano.

The Insight Nano has a compact and robust design capable of generating high-resolution 3D modelling in the most difficult-to-reach places, whether the target is on the ocean floor or in a municipal water pipeline.

The Insight Nano provides operators with a complete visual understanding with dimensional accuracy for confident decision making in every inspection environment.

The Insight Nano is the pinnacle of compact 3D laser scanning without requiring any auxiliary sensors and capable of continuous high-speed 360-degree scanning. This robust sensor integrates seamlessly with ROVs and Crawlers, enabling its use in areas humans would otherwise be unable to reach.

“Remote and rugged environments need remarkable solutions. Solutions that expand your survey capabilities and empower you to reduce uncertainty and make decisions with the best possible data.”

Capable of generating point clouds with a sub-millimetre resolution in real-time, the Insight Nano is an essential tool for customers requiring immediate results. Point cloud models generated by the Insight Nano will enable operators to perform predictive maintenance by creating accurate Digital Twins of subsea assets. In addition, it will offer peace of mind by providing a deeper understanding of the current state of your critical infrastructure.

The revolutionary Insight Nano includes four (4) times greater resolution than its predecessor, with 2064 data points per laser line, offering the world’s highest resolution compact laser scanner.

An essential tool for inspections and surveys that require confident decision making in confined spaces, some applications include:

Ocean Science:

  • Coral Monitoring
  • Flume Tank/Sediment Transport
  • Marine Archeology/Artifacts

Offshore Energy:

  • Localized As-Build Inspection
  • Internal Mono Pile Inspection – Wind Turbine
  • Internal I-Tube Inspection
  • Localized Metrology


  • Localized/Confined Vessel Inspection

Civil Infrastructure:

  • Municipal Pipe/Tunnel Inspection
  • Confined Tank or Reservoir Inspection
  • Hydroelectric Dam Turbine Inspection or Localized As-builds
  • Nuclear Spent Fuel Bay or Intake Tunnel Inspections

Eliminate the guesswork with the highest resolution 3D models empowering customers to make confident decisions.  Reimagine your underwater survey capabilities and illuminate the unknown.

About Voyis

Voyis, founded in 2007, is the first company to widely provide underwater laser scanners for underwater surveys and inspection. Voyis focuses on providing versatile optical solutions that expand customers’ underwater capabilities and help enhance understanding of remote or challenging environments by producing the best data possible. Website: www.voyis.com