Scanfly LITE X: The 16-Channel Lidar Solution With the Best Accuracy in the Market

SFLITEX 1In 2016, 3D TARGET presented the first version of Scanfly: the payload LiDAR not only for UAS. Adopted by surveyors, research centers and asset management companies all around the world, Scanfly has been continuing its roadmap towards innovation, always keeping the original mission of simplifying the user experience without compromises on the measuring performance.

Today, 3D TARGET upgrades the accuracy of the Scanfly LITE, introducing the Scanfly LITE X, featuring the Hesai PandarXT-16 LiDAR head.

SFLITEX DroneScanfly LITE X weighs just 1.68 kg, and features 16 LiDAR channels measuring up to 640 000 pts/s with 1 cm range accuracy.

Just like all the other Scanfly versions, the Scanfly LITE X is a powerful scanning tool that can be installed on any vehicle – UAV, car, backpack – with dedicated mounting adapters.

Point clouds are processed with SmartProcessing Lidar, recently updated to the version 2.0, which features a powerful direct geo-referencing engine along with a dedicated ground control point and strip alignment tool, to further improve the quality of the output.

PointCloud3D Target also announces today the availability of the new 24 MP and 42 MP camera kits. Based on the ADTi surveyor series and featuring Sony sensors, they guarantee superior quality of the images synchronized with Scanfly, which can be used as documentation or to add RGB data to the LiDAR point clouds. The kits are also considerably lighter than the previous versions.

3D TARGET unveils these new additions to the Scanfly ecosystem at GEO Business at ExCeL London on 18-19 May.

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3D TARGET was founded in 2008 as NDT instruments distributor for Italy. Along with a dedicated department for the distribution of remote sensing instruments (3D LiDAR, high resolution, thermal, multispectral and hyperspectral imagers), an internal R&D team is committed to system integration, image analysis and artificial intelligence projects. Scanfly was born from the combination of these two souls, always keeping the End-User in mind. We serve companies worldwide, having our brand represented in different sectors.