NV5 Geospatial Enhances INSITE Geospatial Data Management Platform with Data Reviewer Module

Real-time, Cloud-based Collaboration Tool Speeds Data Review and Validation Processes

Hollywoos, Fla., April 13, 2022 – NV5 Geospatial, one of North America’s most comprehensive geospatial data firms, today launched INSITE Data Reviewer, which moves geospatial data validation to the cloud. The third module in the INSITE Lifecycle suite of products, INSITE Data Reviewer provides reviewers real-time access to aerial imagery, lidar data, GIS layers and more via the cloud to standardize quality control. This increases data validation speed and reduces costs of geospatial projects.

“Validation of geospatial data has always been a time-consuming, manual process that requires copying and shipping files and multiple meetings to reconcile all the data,” said Matt Nugent,  Director of INSITE at NV5 Geospatial “INSITE Data Reviewer reinvents this process, giving all key stakeholders – including outside agencies and organizations – the ability to collaborate in real-time, which streamlines the workflow and lets them deliver the data and insights users need for every project more quickly.”

INSITE is NV5’s proprietary, scalable, agnostic platform that provides a single source of truth across an entire organization, which recently received a 2021 Business Achievement Award from the Environmental Business Journal. Using the INSITE platform, organizations can transform geospatial data by fusing systems of engagement and operations to produce a system of understanding. The INSITE Lifecycle suite combines Project Tracker, Data Delivery and now Data Reviewer modules through which users can see their projects executed on a map, from data acquisition through processing. With contactless, cloud-based data delivery, all stakeholders in a project can work together at one time to validate imagery and lidar derivatives. Organizations can create their own standard calls plus glossary to better define each type so the reviewers have a common understanding of the different calls. We know that every organization is different and needs a process and vocabulary which mirrors their own operations

By enabling quality control teams and vendors to collaborate on large datasets via the cloud, INSITE Data Reviewer eliminates shipping and on-site file copying and reduces costs by replacing specialized desktop software. Data validation workflow can be managed and monitored from initial task assignments and data review through call management coordination and data verification acceptance all through the INSITE platform.

INSITE Data Reviewer’s integrated work assignment tools eliminate confusion for large or distributed teams, as well as user groups from multiple agencies or organizations working on joint-funded projects, who can use the browser-based system to join without purchasing licenses for specialized desktop software. The scalable solution supports concurrent review of  imagery, lidar and vector data, enabling users to compare orthophotos with 3D terrain models to investigate elevation anomalies or load raster imagery to speed lidar point cloud quality assurance.

INSITE Data Reviewer then provides instant feedback to the data processing team in a standard, georeferenced format, eliminating communication errors and reducing time to resolution. Real-time issue tracking improves visibility from project health to reviewer performance down to granular issues with individual data tiles. And, INSITE Data Reviewer’s centralized storage provides a complete audit trail for corrective action plans or budget review.

NV5 Geospatial will host a free webinar on Wednesday, April 20, at 2 p.m. EDT to demonstrate INSITE Data Reviewer. Advance registration is required.

For more information, visit https://www.nv5.com/data-reviewer-webinar/google

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