Phase One to Showcase iXM-GS120 Wide-Area Aerial Camera at GEOINT 2022 in Colorado

Designed for Manned & Unmanned Aircraft

Phase One IXM GS120 Photo

Phase One’s iXM-GS120 camera.

Copenhagen, 11 April 2022 – Phase One, a leading developer of digital imaging technologies, will showcase the new iXM-GS120 aerial camera at GEOINT 2022. Developed for national security, geospatial intelligence, and search & rescue operations, the 630-gram 120MP digital imaging system can fly on Group 3 tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), as well as fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

To ensure reliable maintenance-free operations on lengthy geo-intelligence missions, Phase One designed the iXM-GS120 system around global shutter sensor technology. This digital shutter requires less maintenance than a mechanical one, especially in harsh environmental conditions, and it reduces the potential for failures that could cause downtime in remote airborne activities.

“Phase One developed the iXM-GS120 airborne system with speed and efficiency in mind, offering a remarkable seven frame-per-second capture rate and broad dynamic range,” said Dana Brown, Phase One Director of Business Development. “We created it for applications where every image frame is critical.”

The high-sensitivity, low-noise technology gives the camera an ability to collect data in low-light conditions, thereby expanding its operating window by several hours per day – ideal for wide-area persistent surveillance (WAPS) applications and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. The single-sensor design combined with 120MP resolution guarantees fast collection of detailed information over a wide area of interest in every frame, reducing flight times and enhancing collection efficiency.

Available in RGB color, the iXM-GS120’s range of applications is further broadened by an expansive selection of fields of view for operation at numerous different aircraft altitudes and speeds. This flexibility makes the system appropriate for traditional inspection and mapping applications, capturing massive volumes of high-quality imagery efficiently and cost effectively in commercial projects.

Phase One’s Dana Brown will be available to discuss the new iXM-GS120 along with Dov Kalinski, Vice President Security & Space, and Kevin Graville, Systems Sales Manager Americas, in Booth 934 at GEOINT 2022 being held April 24-27 in Aurora (Denver), Colorado. The team will also have on display the Phase One PAS 880 large-format nadir and oblique aerial system, and PAS 280 large-format 280MP camera.

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