PreAct Technologies and ESPROS Photonics Collaborate on Next-Generation Sensing Solutions

Partnership to Provide Use-case Specific Flash LiDAR for Automotive, Trucking, Industrial Automation and Robotics

Portland, OR and Sargans, Switzerland – March 23, 2022 – PreAct Technologies, an Oregon-based developer of near-field flash LiDAR technology and ESPROS Photonics, a Swiss company leader in the design and production of time-of flight chips and 3D cameras, today announced a collaboration agreement to develop new flash LiDAR technologies for specific use cases in automotive, trucking, industrial automation and robotics. The collaboration combines the dynamic abilities of PreAct’s software-definable flash LiDAR and the versatile and ultra-ambient-light-robust time-of-flight technology from ESPROS to create next-generation near-field sensing solutions.

“Our partnership with ESPROS is a major milestone for our company in our goal to provide high performance, software-definable sensors to meet the needs of customers across various industries,” said Paul Drysch, CEO and co-founder of PreAct Technologies.  “Looking to the future, vehicles across all industries will be software-defined, and our flash LiDAR solutions are built to support that infrastructure from the beginning.”

The automotive and trucking industries continue to rapidly integrate ADAS and self-driving capabilities into vehicles, and as NHTSA just announced the requirement for human controls in fully automated vehicles, the need for ultra-precise, high performance sensors is paramount to ensuring safe autonomous driving. The sensor solutions created by PreAct and ESPROS will address top ADAS and self-driving features such as traffic sign recognition, curb detection, night vision and pedestrian detection with the highest frame rates and resolution of any sensor on the market.

In addition to providing solutions for automotive and trucking, PreAct and ESPROS will show superior performance, functionality, and cost to the expanding robotics industry. According to a new report published by Allied Market Research, the global industrial robotics market size is expected to reach $116.8 billion by 2030. PreAct and ESPROS solutions will enable a wide range of robotics and automation applications including QR code scanning, obstacle avoidance and gesture recognition. They will also fill the void left for OEM robotic customers which emerged when key suppliers unexpectedly ceased offering 3D cameras to the market.

“We have extensive plans to demonstrate the incredible capabilities of our 3D chipsets with PreAct’s hardware and software. The ESPROS Pre-Act partnership ensures customers can benefit from the shortest possible time to market for advanced tools such as simulation. Our combined resources and expertise will allow us to enable groundbreaking products across every industry” said Beat DeCoi, President and CEO of ESPROS Photonics. “By combining our best in class TOF chips with PreAct’s innovation and drive, we will see great results with clients benefiting from this partnership.”

About PreAct Technologies
PreAct Technologies creates the world’s fastest flash LiDAR that powers near-field sensing and object tracking solutions for automotive, trucking, robotic and industrial markets. Its patent-pending suite of sensor technologies is also the only software-definable LiDAR on the market designed specifically to support the extended life of software-defined vehicles. The company is located in Portland, Oregon. For sales inquiries, please contact

About ESPROS Photonics
ESPROS Photonics AG was founded in 2006 and is a highly specialized IC (Integrated Circuit) design and production company. The company is built around a unique CMOS/CCD process developed and owned by ESPROS. Swiss precision, quality, and innovation are its core driving forces. Products are TOF and LiDAR imagers as well as custom ASICS. The company also develops and produces 3D camera modules, all based on its own 3D imagers. It is headquartered in Sargans, Switzerland. For further information, please contact