Hexagon Geosystems to Showcase Smart LiDAR-Based 3D Surveillance Solution Live at ISC

Hexagon Geosystems: ISC West March 23-25 at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas

Booth number 19117

Hexagon Geosystems will exhibit its smart LiDAR-based 3D Surveillance solution live at ISC West.

Live demonstrations at the booth will showcase:

  • 3D functionality: Hexagon’s 3D Surveillance portfolio includes the Leica BLK247 sensor (fusing LiDAR, video and thermal imaging) and advanced Accur8vision software that enables an advanced view of alarm situations and uses an intuitive 3D environment for simple planning and virtual testing.
  • AI functionality: Hexagon’s smart 3D Surveillance solution reliably detects physical changes in a space, immediately determines threats versus nonthreats with accuracy and reliability, and notifies the relevant personnel accordingly.
  • Temperature alarms: The system can notify operators if certain temperatures are exceeded in pre-defined areas.

Hexagon’s solutions overcome the restrictions of traditional 2D surveillance solutions that struggle with variable lighting and weather conditions. LiDAR-based detection uses spatial information to assess the size and shape of an object. In an alarm event, our system provides the security operator with information about the size, exact location, and movement trajectory of an intruder. It immediately differentiates between a threat or a nonthreat, for example by detecting a human intruder and ignoring wildlife. This reduces the number of costly and time-intensive false alarms that erode users’ trust in their security systems.

We are inviting you to probe Hexagon’s 3D security experts and can also arrange interviews with customers or a large security distributor partner with us at the booth.

Hexagon’s main 3D Surveillance experts, Tony Grisham, Carl-Thomas Schneider and Martin Vojtek will be at the booth and are available for interviews:

  • Carl-Thomas Schneider, VP Business Development at Hexagon’s Geosystems division, is the expert for the Leica BLK247 and the overall 3D Surveillance solution
  • Martin Votjek, CEO of Tacticaware, part of Hexagon, and the spokesperson for the software part of the solution, Accur8vision
  • Tony Grissam can share information about applications and use cases

If you would like to arrange an interview or book in time to see a live demonstration of Hexagon’s 3D surveillance system, please get in touch.