The CAD for Italferr Station Plans

News Italferr Screen Capture 2Bologna Italy, January 11, 2022, – SITECO Informatica SRL provides the new IFPS software release to Italferr

At the end of 2021, on behalf of a group of companies that awarded the software maintenance contract of the FS Italiane Group, Siteco Informatica supplied a new version of the IFPS application to Italferr.

Italferr, a design company of the Italian Railways, had already purchased the CAD developed by Siteco for the design of the Station Plans in the 80s. IFPS was conceived starting from the GBG application, the first CAD software in Italy, produced by the company Cad. Lab, a pioneer in this sector.

Rails And BearersThe IFPS CAD has been revisited and renewed over time, enhanced with features particularly focused on the use in this sector. The new version is aligned with the AutoCAD 2022 revision. It allows the geometry design of the Station Plan in an AutoCAD environment, with a rigorous construction of switches and junctions (straight lines, arcs, and transition curves), in compliance with the current regulations and industry practices.

IFPS includes all the functions required for the construction of the railway sidings, with different transition curves, satisfying all the designer’s needs to allow the distribution of traffic in the stations, in compliance with the geometric constraints and regulations actually in force.

Among the main functions of the application, it is worth mentioning the following:

  • All combinations of fixed element sidings such as straight lines and arcs;
  • Complex calculation functions of the transition curves;
  • Functions for “floating” sidings, providing a preview of the geometries that can be obtained;
  • A complete library of switches;
  • The Dynamic Blocks of AutoCAD, allowing reducing the complexity of the drawing by representing in a single block all the descriptions required in the different phases of the design.

About Siteco Informatica s.rl
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