Offers L4 Self-Driving System at L2 Prices, Disrupting the Market and Bringing Advanced, Full-Stack Capabilities Closer to Mass Production

Sets aggressive pricing to make its award-winning self-driving technology more accessible and available sooner to consumer market

Fremont, Calif., December 8,, an international self-driving technology company committed to advancing urban logistics and popularizing Robotaxis, announces its series-production-ready L4 solution DeepRoute-Driver 2.0, priced at approximately $10,000 USD, the equivalent of current L2 technology. looks to disrupt the industry by offering DeepRoute-Driver 2.0, the high performance, full-stack L4 self-driving system that meets auto-grade requirements fit for mass production at a significantly lower cost than existing solutions, the first company in autonomous driving to make this breakthrough. DeepRoute-Driver 2.0 offers differentiation from existing L4 pioneers like Waymo and Cruise, which boast sophisticated and efficient L4 algorithms but with a hefty price tag, and from advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) such as Tesla, that are affordable but have limited capabilities in terms of fully automated driving.

LiDAR Camera At The Rear RightThe innovative, series-production-ready L4 system includes five solid-state LiDAR sensors, eight cameras, optional millimeter wave radar, and a self-developed computing platform integrated with its proprietary inference engine. The synergy between early fusion technology, deep learning algorithms and solid-state LiDAR sensors renders the L4 system compatible with a variety of sensors and car models. The data loop system is also designed to allow for quick mass production. has carved out a three-phase process to accomplish the goal of mass production. The first phase, research and development, has achieved two key milestones: driverless testing capability and a L4 solution produced for under $10,000 USD. Phase two includes in-depth collaboration with automakers to meet auto-grade requirements. Phase three is rapid scaling with mass production and deployment, including ongoing upgrades through Over-the-Air (OTA) updates.

Compatible With Different Car Models Series Production Ready L4 Soultion

Series-Production-Ready L4 Solution Compatible with Different Car Models

“Our team has developed the most cost-effective L4 technology to make autonomous vehicles widely available and fit for commercialization,” said Maxwell Zhou, CEO of “We look forward to collaborating with other innovative leaders in the auto industry to mass produce passenger AVs. This bears great significance in the industry and broad market prospects.”

Looking ahead on Robotaxi business line, DeepRoute-INJOY, it will work with automakers on mass production of L4 autonomous vehicles, along with operating its own Robotaxi fleet in the Central Business District of key cities.

About is an international self-driving technology company committed to advancing urban logistics and popularizing robotaxis, and is also the only autonomous driving company in China with Alibaba Group as a strategic investor. Its team includes leading experts from Ford, Google, Intel, Microsoft, and other innovators. is the first company to be granted a permit to operate robotaxis in the Central Business District of downtown Shenzhen, currently servicing over 100 pick-up and drop-off points. is also the first in China to deliver Covid-19 test samples with Robotaxis during a local outbreak, transporting over 30,000 person’s COVID-19 test samples to hospitals.’s technology was recognized with a CES Innovation Award in 2020 and has earned a Passenger Carry Permit from the CPUC.’s China headquarters are located in Shenzhen, with U.S. headquarters in Fremont, California. For more information, visit, follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, and subscribe to on YouTube.