UP42 Joins the BDI NewSpace Initiative on Its Mission to Foster the German Economy and Innovation

The Berlin-based geospatial start-up becomes an official member of the Federation of German Industries (BDI) along with other key players in the space industry.

Kick Off BDI Initiative NewSpace NewspaceraceBerlin, December 1, 2021 — As a leading geospatial technology start-up headquartered in Berlin, UP42 is now an official member of the Federation of German Industries (Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V. or “BDI”) as part of the BDI NewSpace Initiative. The company joins the program along with other local start-ups, space companies, associations, suppliers, and more traditional industries to foster innovation and economic growth through the space industry.

The BDI NewSpace initiative stems from the heightened commercialization of space travel. From 2017 to 2018, the downstream segment has seen an increase of 136% in demand growth globally. Only in Germany, 76% of NewSpace companies have non-space businesses as customers, propelling the country at the forefront of all areas in the upstream and downstream sectors.

“We could not be more excited about this growing trend and the key role Space plays for the advancement of the German economy,” says UP42 CEO Sean Wiid. “Joining the BDI NewSpace Initiative perfectly aligns with UP42’s collaborative approach to the space ecosystem and our core purpose to make an impact on society, the economy, and the environment through geospatial technology.”

As a critical component of German industrialization and socio-economic development globally, NewSpace acts as a catalyst for innovation in the sustainability sector, laying the foundation for solving some of our world’s greatest challenges — first and foremost, climate change.

With the rise of innovative technologies such as autonomous driving, IoT, connectivity, Industry 4.0 and data-based business models, the BDI NewSpace initiative is set to play a pivotal role in German industrial development across other strong sectors, namely automotive, energy, agribusiness and digital economy.

“A dynamic NewSpace ecosystem has emerged in Germany in recent years,” said the BDI NewSpace initiative’s Managing Director Matthias Wachter. “Our members are united by a spirit of optimism and the conviction that NewSpace will make our country more digitally advanced, greener and ever innovative.”

A subsidiary of Airbus, UP42 is a flexible platform that provides the building blocks for geospatial companies to scale their products and businesses faster, further, and cost-effectively. The UP42 marketplace currently contains over 160 products from more than 50 of the world’s leading geospatial organizations, regularly used in various applications, from vegetation management to urban monitoring to risk assessment. UP42 technical experts are available to assist customers in selecting the best data set to meet the needs of each specific application. These experts can also help task a satellite for new image acquisition or query the archive to obtain existing imagery.

As an official member of the BDI NewSpace initiative, UP42 joins other German small and medium-sized businesses on a mission to lower entry barriers to the Space industry by democratizing access to geospatial data and analytics for the benefit of all of its customers.

About UP42
UP42 is changing the way geospatial data is accessed and analyzed. The platform and marketplace bring together multiple sources of data such as satellite imagery, weather data, and more—together with algorithms to identify objects, detect change, and find patterns. Industry leaders use UP42 to inform business decisions and build scalable customer solutions. Know when and where to fertilize crops. Measure air quality and map emissions. Count cars, trucks, planes, and ships. Developers and data scientists across all industries now have access to a platform to build, run, and scale projects in one place. Visit www.up42.com.