Nextcore Launches Robust UAV LiDAR Solution, the Lumos

Lumos1Last week, we launched a robust new UAV LiDAR solution, the Lumos. The Nextcore Lumos series is manufactured in Australia and our systems are the only UAV LiDAR units to come with a 2-year warranty. Lumos products are built for purpose and tested by our survey team who ensure that our systems are rugged and capable in all scenarios. Price, performance and ease of use distinguish the Lumos series from anything else on the market.

Lumos provides exceptional precision and accuracy from high up. Lumos delivers an RMSE of 40mm at heights of up to 120 metres and fits most popular UAVs, making it ideal for survey of remote transmission lines. Here are some datasets showing off the Lumos ability to create tight point clouds with great reflectivity and extract key features.

Powerline test data Lumos2

The system allows energy infrastructure data capture that can be processed into valuable surveying deliverables with unmatched efficiency. The integration of GNSS and IMU allows Lumos to deliver user accuracy down to the centimeter level. Nextcore LiDAR systems are ideal for assessment and surveys of power lines, steep terrain, highly vegetated areas, limited access environments and more.