PAR Government to Unveil GV-X Enhanced Geospatial Imagery and Full-Motion Video Viewing Package at GEOINT 2021

New Hartford, New York, September 21, 2021 – PAR Government, a provider of geospatial and decision support solutions for 50 years, today introduced GV-X™, a completely redesigned and upgraded version of its popular GV3.0™ raster imagery and full-motion video (FMV) viewing package. The new GV-X will appeal to traditional geospatial end users, especially those who perform analysis of FMV from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other remote sensing platforms.

PAR Government will introduce GV-X at GEOINT 2021 and perform demonstrations in Booth 2514 in the exhibit hall. GEOINT 2021 is being held Oct. 5-8 at the America’s Center Convention Complex in St. Louis, Missouri.

“GV-X is faster, more user approachable and offers numerous new capabilities for visualizing geospatial imagery,” said PAR Government President, Matt Cicchinelli. “The sweet spot for GV-X continues to be the access it provides FMV users to the metadata embedded in video streams that allows for advanced geospatial analysis.”

PAR developed the GV3.0 solution nearly 20 years ago as a government-off-the-shelf application for use exclusively by the U.S. Defense & Intelligence and GEOINT communities to view and analyze various types of raster imagery and FMV captured by satellite, drones and manned aircraft. After government support for the application ended with build 985 in 2015, PAR re-introduced GV3.0 in mid-2019 as an affordable commercial product available to all. The commercial version has updated many of the older open-source dependencies and migrated from Java 8 update 48 to the current release of Java 11 to comply with latest security requirements.

The new GV-X builds on the foundation that made the original product so popular with geospatial users. It reads many data files common in the GIS and GEOINT communities, including the National Imagery Transmission Format (NITF) and NATO Secondary Imagery Format (NSIF).

The application has been widely embraced by the Defense-Intelligence community due to the fact it enables viewing and editing of KLV metadata (sensor type, geolocation, annotations, etc.) in the video stream that are vital for location-based applications and wide-area monitoring.

Enhancements to GV-X include a modernized user interface that fully leverages the 64-bit Windows10 environment and makes the software easier to access. Additionally, the underlying code has been rewritten and streamlined resulting in faster processing and functionality. Large raster files that once took minutes to load now render in seconds.

In addition to the enhanced graphical user interface, GV-X features numerous new capabilities, including the following:

Intelligent Video Error Handling – With numerous UAV and airborne video systems on the market, file and format incompatibilities are inevitable. GV-X has built-in intelligence to identify errors in video files so they can be corrected by the user.

Synchronized Video Play – Along with overall improved video performance, all videos in the project tab can be controlled with a single set of commands.

Real-Time Frame Resolution Changes – Modern FMV systems, especially those used in the Defense & Intelligence sector, can switch from one format to another on the fly – high-resolution optical to lower-resolution thermal infrared red, for example. This switch also changes the pixel resolution of the video frame which other viewers are unable to handle. The new GV-X displays these videos flawlessly.

Multiple Video Formats – GV-X continues to support all popular image and video compression formats, including the latest and most popular H.264 compression (also known as MPEG-4 Part 10), as well as H.265, MPEG-2/4, M4V, VP9, and WMV.

Latest Version of STDI0002 – The updated GV-X now supports many more of the newest tags from the Compendium of Controlled Extensions for NITF

“GV-X remains one of the most affordable and functional geospatial imagery and FMV viewing packages on the market today,” said Cicchinelli. “Those customers who invested in GV3.0 with the maintenance package earlier in the year will receive credit towards an upgrade to GV-X.”

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