USIBD Announces 13th Cornerstone Report on Reality Capture Data Distribution

May 4, 2021, Tustin, CA – USIBD is very pleased to announce the release of our Thirteenth Cornerstone Report, focused on Data Distribution.

This year’s survey grew out the last USIBD Symposium (hosted at SPAR 2019), where many members asked how other AEC professionals are storing and distributing their reality-capture data.

With 149 respondents, this is one of our largest surveys yet. It’s also our first report on this topic, so we have no prior data to compare against. And please bear in mind that the responses were given before the pandemic caused a dramatic change in work arrangements.

The Technology Committee, chaired by Josh DeStefano, and co-chaired by Kelly Cone have produced 30+ pages of careful reporting on data distribution in the Building Documentation industry. Inside, you’ll find an array of demographic data, as well as in-depth sections on AEC data retention and sharing strategies, cloud computing adoption, the real-world costs of different storage solutions, the biggest challenges of managing point-cloud data, and more.

Additionally, please find the attached raw data for the report.

The goal of these reports will be to provide unbiased industry user reviews of everything from hardware and software to general state of the industry breakdowns. They will be performed for two purposes: on a quarterly basis with reoccurring themes and sporadically to measure the industry for specific causes and stakeholder issues.

The paper is available for downloaded at no charge from USIBD’s Resources page on the website here.

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