Quanergy and iCent Secure Critical National Port Facilities in South Korea

QORTEX DTC™ LiDAR solution enables full security automation, higher accuracy and reliability

PRGraphic Q ICent QORTEX 1 26 2021Sunnyvale, Calif. – January 26 2021Quanergy Systems, Inc., a leading provider of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors and smart perception solutions, today announced a new deployment of its QORTEX DTC™ LiDAR solution to increase the security of critical national port facilities in South Korea. This is the most recent application for Quanergy and integration partner, iCent, and is just one of many security and smart city installations that the companies have deployed together in South Korea.

“LiDAR leads the way in detection accuracy and is quickly replacing other competing technologies,” said Moon WonSang, CEO at iCent. “This is clear by our long-term partnership with Quanergy, which continues to expand to new projects—in security and beyond.”

Built from Quanergy’s patented M-Series LiDAR sensors and proprietary QORTEX 3D perception software, the QORTEX DTC (Detection, Tracking, Classification) platform delivers real-time tracking of intruders in security, smart city, and smart space applications.

In the most recent application at the South Korean port, M-Series sensors are installed throughout the facility and integrated with existing pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras to continuously monitor the perimeter and detect intruders. When an intrusion is detected, event data is shared with the cameras so users can easily view and track the location of the threat.

Compared to the port’s previous solution, the new 3D LiDAR solution provides higher accuracy and greater reliability in an easy-to-manage, fully automated solution. In addition, the solution will provide long-term value and save costs by increasing efficiency and significantly reducing false alarms.

The M-Series LiDAR sensors provide a complete 360-degree view in any environmental conditions, including inclement weather and extremely bright or low light. Meanwhile, the QORTEX software incorporates 3D perception algorithms to detect, track, and classify objects based on the rich point cloud data received from the M-Series sensors. In addition, the solution features iSaver dashboards from iCent. iSaver further interprets the data from the QORTEX platform so it can be displayed on an intuitive dashboard for at-a-glance visibility.

“LiDAR delivers a more adaptable, reliable, and accurate solution to modern security challenges,” said Enzo Signore, CMO at Quanergy. “We’re excited to share our LiDAR expertise to improve safety, security, and efficiency for customers all around the world.”

To learn more, visit https://quanergy.com/products/qortex-dtc/

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