Introducing 15 cm HD

The Highest Clarity From Commercial Satellite Imagery

MaxarWe are excited to announce the general availability of 15 cm HD imagery, which features a level of visual clarity that far exceeds that of any other commercial satellite imagery product on the market.

15 cm HD is created by applying our proprietary HD technology to our native 30 cm imagery, making it possible to capture more fully the information contained in an image’s native resolution.

15 cm HD imagery offers new insights about Earth for customers with defense and intelligence, civil government, energy, environmental and navigation applications. The imagery allows them to monitor remote locations, detect change over time and identify relevant features with even greater fidelity than ever before. For example, detailed maps for autonomous driving require clear views of intricate road features, such as signs, light poles, paint strips and traffic barriers, for more accurate navigation.

15 cm HD imagery is currently available as an enhancement to Maxar’s core imagery products, Map-Ready and View-Ready Imagery, and will soon be available for our imagery basemaps, Vivid and Dynamic.

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